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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Frankiespencer, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. IMG_2427.JPG Does this look like bud rot?? IMG_2428.JPG
  2. What about them is concerning you because I see no reason to be alarmed.
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  3. yeah whats up .? i dont see bud rot?
    bang it in a pipe and i will test it if your really bothered :)
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  4. I agree with the previous 2 posters, I don't see any bud rot.
  5. Haha sound mate just having problem after problem it's just because that plant was a lot more dark green and brown than others getting a bit para because when the leaves died they went a bit damp thought it was goin to fuck the whole grow.. had 1 plant that hermied nanas all over it thanks for the reply made me feel a bit better
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  6. looks a tadge airy. but that dont matter. the little remanding leaves are sticky...i;m sure it will be an ok smoke
  7. Cheers mate thanks
  8. Some of the thc had shades of drown and the leaves were looking shitty got me a bit worried but good to here your opinion thanks again
  9. dont really matter about the fan leaves looking shitty in the last few weeks or so. its on its last legs before chop anyway. like some people say , you dont need it green all the way to the last week. some people like to flush out all the nitrogen and turn it yellow in the last week.i dont take it to that extremes.
    as long at the sugar leaves around the buds look ok. i have actually burnt a few with my lights but it didnt effect the bud
  10. Ok pal nice 1
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  11. hope it turns out yummy for you . im just chonging on some home soil grown jack herer that my pal grew.
    its sweet! :)
  12. Mate it was looking beautiful all the way through let them go a few days longer and for some stupid reason I decided not to water them for about three days now my biggest plant that usually dried out after a day! went from having solid buds too buds that were quite soft that's my reason for thinking I had bud rot and the leaves were hanging and a bit wet, but after a day or two of watering again buds hardened a bit better

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