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    hey im growing 8 plants from bag seeds thier all about a week an a half old
    so far i been doing this: since day 1 i been watering once a day 4 about 3days then i went on vacation for 4 days which they recived no water n when i came back i noticed some plants were lossing color turning yellow borwn 1 plant curled all the way back and another plant curled upwoards looking like it going to close
    i been using regular tap water and this is a home project so i havent been checking hp level n dont know how i was reading yesterday that discoloring was due to over feeding but dont know if iam also read that i needed magnisiom b/c my 2 bottom leaves were dying out how do i go about adding magnisium? also i have them under 24/7 lighting
  2. hey if link didnt work here the pics
  3. sorry if thier to big from my phone camera
  4. They seem to just be sad because of the lack of water. just give them enough water ad they should perk back up soon.
  5. hey 420 thanks 4 replying but it cant b because of not enough water b/c i was watering them everyday untill i went on vacation but once i got back i started to water everyday
  6. man you are doing several things wrong. you are watering to much your soil looks bad. the list goes on and on. do some fucking research. go on the computer and type in how to grow marijuana and it will tell you. your wasting your time. you need to go in adiffernt direction.
  7. Well if they went dry while you were gone wouldnt that make sense for them to start curling like that?
    How long have you been back onto watering them? since you got back from vacation.
  8. you dont need to water every day to much water can kill them. what kind of light are you using to. water maybe once or twice a week. way to much water
  9. wolverine32 i did do FUCKING research n thats y im hear asking 4 help n telling me that the list goes on n on well that aint helping me if u dont know then dont reply i wants some1 who gonna tell me whats wrong with them beside watering everyday i dont know what eles is wrong n posting on here is doing research
  10. im using 3 cfl i belive [​IMG]
  11. That is some nasty looking soil, what kind are you using? Have you given any nutes? How close are those lights to the plants? Is there any airflow in your cab? Is that aluminum foil on the walls? What are your temps?
  12. its good soil just looks bad in the pics cuz 2 big but i know its good soil
    and yea i have 2fans in there n yes foil all round and thier not that close to the lights only on the left side and no nutes cuz idk
  13. I'm glad that you "know its good soil", but it looks like shit to me no matter the size of the pic. I see no visible perlite, hydroton, etc. for moisture retention, airation, or drainage Does this soil have a name because I can tell you that truly good soil for seeds/seedlings does not look like that! That soil appears far too course, rocky and stemmy for your tiny plants. Remember, tiny plants = tiny roots, that soil could be inhibiting your roots from growing and finding food/water. I don't know if you've ever seen Fox Farms or Pro-mix, but they are MUCH lighter and more airy and people still sift those soils and take out bigger pieces when they want to give their babies the best shot at growing up.

    Regarding nutes - this goes back to the soil question. What soil are you using? Do you know if it already contains nutes? If so, your plants could have nute burn. If not, and the soil is of poor enough quality, the plants might need nutes.

    Did you poke drainage holes in those cups?

    Foil is a no-no. It can reflect the light unevenly and create hot spots/burn your plants. Can you paint the sides white or buy some mylar or panda film or anything?

    What size is your space and what are your temps? Everyone talks about how great CFLs are because you can get them so close to the plants without burning them, but CFLs still put out a good amount of heat and can make temps a problem without proper ventilation. You have 2 fans? Are they exhausting air outside, bringing fresh air in or just circulating?

    Finally, you might not have known from your research, but those CLFs give off more light from their sides than their tops. You'd be better off figuring out a way to put them horizontal over the plants, thus exposing them to more light.
  14. Well I think ur right about the soil cuz I got it from my bro n he just told me it was miracle grow which I herd was badd but he said it has no chemicals in it the soil does have crystal balls in it with like water or something cuz I poped 1 to see what it was I have 1 intake n 1 out take Fan I have a small space it's in a computer
    so I shuld take out the foil n is it possible to grow in miracle grow
  15. I'm actually a little surprised to hear that it's MG soil. All of the MG soil that I've seen has come with perlite (which I don't see in your pics) and it did not look like yours. . .
    Don't know about crystal balls, my guess is that you popped some little slow release fertilizer ball.

    I would lose the foil and use only distilled or RO water. Your plants have enough "stuff" in the soil and they don't need to deal with whatever else you are giving them in the water.

    People have successfully grown in MG soil, but more people advise against it, especially for seeds/seedlings.

    Good luck. PM coming your way
  16. K thanks 4 ur help
    beside water I don't give it nothing eles that's y I'm wondering y my plants r like this I just grow them in MG soil n just water them that's it nothing eles
    so shuld I just leave them alone oh n I just flushed them about 30mins ago

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