help plz idk whats wrong

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  1. i have no idea whats going on my plant has brown blotches on first set of leaves and now the spots are comin in on my scond set of leaves to

    What type of medium; soil
    What brand and type of soil? ff ocean forest
    Indoors or outdoors?indoors
    What strain? nt sure feminized indoor mystery bag from nirvana
    How old are the plants? 2 1/2 weeks
    What type of lights and how many watts? 125 cfl
    How far from the lights?2 inches
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? distilled water every other day
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? nothing
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? n/a
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?46% and 72 to 79 farnheit
    What size pots?4 inch pots for now
    Any bugs? Look real close.none
    Any other pertinent info?

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  2. did you grow that from seed in that soil?....if so thats more than likely your problem....FFOF has nutrients in the soil and more than likely giving that plant a little bit of burn....try watering with R/O or creek water (which has 0 or very close to 0 ppm) and she should pull through....just seems like a little too much nutes for her right now
  3. well i transplanted into that soil should i go for something else next time they were injiffy tabs to start
  4. no the soil is actually about to pick it up for my clones today lol....but what i did and what you can do for either clones or new seeds is sprout them in jiffy cubes or rockwool. You should transplant into a 3.5 gallon pot within a day or so once a root pops out. What i did for my first soil mix was just 50/50 Scotts seedling potting soil and pearlite. I let them grow for about a week or two watering with plain H2o. Then i started addind nutes to the water to about 600ppm. Ive been doing that for about a week or so and im about to trasnplant to the FFOF today. If you dont have nutes to add to the water then you could do a 1.5 or 2 gallon bucket for the first week and a half with just the seedling potting soil and pearlite mix. Then you could transplant straight to a 5 gallon bucket with the FFOF soil and some more pearlite and you would be good all the way through flowering. When transfering to a 5 gallon bucket i would put 2 inches of pearlite on the bottom of the bucket to act as a resivoir for the soil (itll help keep it moist but not too wet)
  5. Hey thx for the tips dude that's what ill do I'm gonna go get some river water outta the mountains what about glacier water? Lol I have a lot of water supplies I think the basic idea is no ppms in the water and the ideal ph I hate putting ph up or down in my water it just doesn't seem as healthy on the plants as river water would be
  6. When you water do the leaves get wet?
    Water on the leaves can cause burn in 2 ways; salt deposits as it evaporates and also magnification.

    The burn looks like it could be caused by water on the leaf.
    Let's hope that it!!
  7. glacier water should be fine also....the creek water i was talking about is sold at QT in gallons for like a buck
  8. Well I got a little water on the first set of leaves so I thought could've been it but the new leaves popped up and I did not get any water on them at all and it started blotching so then I started to worry I have one other plant and its doing extrmemly well I transplanted it about a week earlier then these other two and it doesn't have any burns the main stem is twice the diameter as the 2 that r burned as well I accidently shot about 1000 ppms of ff grow big on it when it was about an inch tall lol but it didn't effect it at all never even burned the leaves and now its huge compared to these other two so I'm almost certain to agree with the soil burning it as the problem but idk for sure that's why I'm asking on here lol but short and sweet no I didn't get any water on the new leaves and they burned
  9. hmmm.....
    one thing I notice is it looks kinda thin and pale green. Try to intoduce some N into the mix I think. you could start your veg nutes at 1/4 strenght.

    good luck man!!!
  10. ok... distilled water is aggressive, meaning its alive and wants to break everything down, ur escentualy flushing ur plant while u water, and not adjusting the pH is making it worse.
    the food in the ffoc will feed for like a month. its not that great soil (not amended). so u will have to feed. most people say u dont have to feed the first few weeks, thats bull, u can always feed, just not alot at first, infact giving it nitrogen after it has true leaves can increase chances of getting a female (from seed).
    so get a pH meter and ppm/tds/ec meter they will help u out a lot, and look up how to use them
  11. Ya I watered the other night 180 ppms of ffgb and ffbb they seemed to love it ill give a little more next time I'm not in a hurry to produce pounds lol I don't mind waiting a lot for a little its more a hobby then anything..... now it looks like my leaves are folding in on themselves like a taco almost... man idk what's going on I hate seeing my girls like this

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