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  1. So yesterday i took some bong rips and i may have accidentally swallowed some smoke. i threw up a couple hours later and this morning i woke up with indigestion and a little nausea. i feel so awful! i don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. it feels like i have heartburn. please help!
  2. You will be ok. Stomach juice is highly acidic; it hydrochloric acid like 'the alien' spits out! When you regurgitate, it burns the membranes in your throat/esophagus. This is probably what you are feeling.

    I'm sorry you had a shit trip. There's a reason I only smoke joints nowadays ;)
  3. thank you so much! i feel relieved. it’s normal for me to still feel nauseas and icky? when do you think it will go away?
  4. I get the feeling you ate a pizza you dont remember.
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  5. lol i wish
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