Help pls. is this nute burn, deficiency or else?

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    Growing lemon haze sativa in 25 gallon smart pots of coast of maine stonington blend with perlite. The plants started to turn from a healthy dark green to discolored / bent tips about a month ago after I what I believed was nutrient burn.

    The twisting/curling and "claw" at the end of leaves suggested that was the problem.

    I was using alfalfa meal, kelp meal and neem seed meal. Added 1/4 cup of each once per month, but then when i did it after a quicker two week period, the problem started to emerge.

    So I watered a lot, flushed it out, and still no progress. It has been over a month since I added any nutrients.

    We've had plenty of sun.

    Leaves are bright/lime green.

    Is this actually a nutrient deficiency instead? Other?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  2. If my only two choices were either nute burn or deficiency, I'd guess deficiency.
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  3. If that’s all you’re feeding it, it’s prolly deficiency but are there fungus gnats too?
  4. I would at least topdress something in for calcium like oyster shell powder, crab meal, gypsum, biolive, etc.
  5. I haven't noticed any potential fungus gnats but will take a closer look.

    I think i will top dress with the alfalfa, kelp and neem seed meal and see how it responds.

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