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  1. my baby is only 14 days old and the first set of textured leaves have white spots on them!! i dunno what its from or how to fix it please help thanks!
  2. Pictures ftw :smoking:
  3. here is the picture its the best i can do atm

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  4. Symptoms

    Larger leaves turning
    yellow - smaller leaves
    still green.

    Older leaves will curl
    at edges, turn dark,
    possibly with a purple

    Mature leaves develop
    a yellowish cast
    to least veinal areas.

    Mature leaves turn
    yellow and then
    become spotted
    with edge areas
    turning dark gray.

    Cracked stems, no
    healthy support tissue.

    Small wrinkled
    leaves with
    yellowish vein systems.

    Young leaves become
    deformed, possibly


    Nitrogen deficiency
    - add nitrate of soda
    or organic fertilizer.

    Phosphorous deficiency -
    add commercial phosphate.

    Magnesium deficiency -
    add commercial fertilizer
    with a magnesium content.

    Potassium deficiency -
    add muriate of potash.

    Boron deficiency -
    add any plant food
    containing boron.

    Zinc deficiency - add
    commercial plant food
    containing zinc.

    Molybedum deficiency -
    use any plant food with a
    bit of molydbenum in it.

    Got it from a site. hope it helps.
  5. that doesnt really help im using nutes already could it be the fact that my light is only 24 watts? im getting come cfls asap but would that be the cause of it?
  6. im rather new to growing. I do know that if the light is too far away it could cause problems for your plants. IT could be they are to low or not enough wattage per light.
  7. being to far away is not the problem because it have it decently close like 3 or so inches from plant but only one of my plants are experiencing this problem the smaller one looks fine but i dont want it to do the same thing i just need some tips on keeping it from spottng and yellowing
  8. im sure someone more experainced will ocmment on it. did you check the pH? jsut throwing things out there.
  9. i think i figured out the problem i think its from over nitrating it but if thats so i need to know if flushing it and going back to regular water will stop any further spotting or yellowing... i guess ill find out soon enough :/
  10. dang good luck man.

    Ive see a few guides for sick plants. just look around on the forums.

    Best of luck to you
  11. Yeah I'm thinking nute burn too. What kind of soil are you using?

    Hot soils are the number one reason this happens to seedlings. Also, never feed a plant less than 3 weeks old. Seedlings are higly succeptible to burn.

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