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  1. ok i got two(2) questions!!

    FIRST: Its been about one(1) week now for my plants that have sprouted since then... I have three left (One died)... I transplanted the one to a bigger container should I do the same with the others? Also, they have only got a slight taller (.25 of a inch or so) and leaves just got a bit bigger, Is this normal?

    SECOND: Today I checked my seeds i've been germanating and they all germanated well (10 Of Them) I put them in small containers today, my question is should I keep them in sunlight or dont they need it till they sprout??

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  2. shade til they sprout to slow evaporation of the water those little ladies will need to come up
  3. I would put light on them, for two reasons:
    1) it helps keep the soil warm, which will speed up the sprouting.
    2) they will get light the moment they pop up, not wait for you to check them out.

    Don't put high-intensity light on them right away, or if you do keep a good distance. All babies are sensitive.
  4. ^^thanks, i checked my plants today and it loooks like one of the leaves are dieing is that because its going to be getting another set her soon or what??

  5. ^^added a pic. for you guys to help me with!!

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