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  1. Man oh man can i get some help... I got yellowing leaves all over the place and im all organic and its my first grow... can u say help... i have been using indonesian guano,ewc, alfalfa meal, molasses and hygrozyme in a tea last week and every other week and top dressed with guano 3 weeks ago...i think its a ph issue but here are some pics any other info u need just ask...

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  2. week 5 into flower
  3. I had quite a long post prepared but I'll save you the time and just get to the point: Sul-Po-Mag, a.k.a. K-Mag. That's what I personally think you need. I think you could be experiencing an acute deficiency which is usually brought about by an environmental parameter being out of tolerance - pH is one example - AND all of the required plant nutrients were supplied in sufficient quantity. (Liebig's Law)

    If pH were not an issue then I would suspect a chronic deficiency which is a lack of a required plant nutirent due to insufficient quantity. In your case I suspect Su or K as a likely culprit due to the way the chlorosis is uniform over the plant leaf but starts out as a gentle fading of the green while the interveinal areas remain darker then immediately fades to complete yellow (it's hard to diagnose with only photographs). Su "deficiency" often manifests itself in a manner similar to a N "deficiency" but the interveinal areas remain darker while the leaf turns lighter. This is unique to Su versus N in the way it manifests itself on the plant leaf.

    This was a short post and certainly not intended or inferred to be emperical and totally right. Only you know for sure what you've prepared and managed. Have you supplied sufficient quantity of ALL major and minor macro, and ALL micro nutirents? Your budZ look great man but you need to take some corrective action if you are only 5 wks since 12/12. If you don't have any Sul-Po-Mag (K-Mag) get some, use a Tbsp per gal of water, dissolve it, and water it in. You're going to need Sul-Po-Mag for your next grow anyway. If you want to mess around trying to correct the pH I don't think another 5 wks is going to give you enough time to do so. IMO.

    Good luck! :)
  4. Well, I stuck my foot in it so now I have to ask, why are you using hygrozyme in your tea and as a soil input? I was thinking that the product was something other than what I gathered about it from their web site, Sipco. So, I don't get this input variable for an organic soil grow.

    There are many variables to consider for diagnosing plant problems. Another comes to mind is an Fe "deficiency" but that too could be environmental or a result of too much P or... the list goes on.

    Are the nutrient inputs you listed the only ones you have added thus far and if not what did you do to supply all micro and minor macro nutrients? I'm pretty sure you've got the N and P covered but I'd be guessing not knowing how much alfalfa and guano you're using.
  5. well i once read in a post on here
    Hygrozyme = lactobacillus bacteria strains with malted barley extract.

    Lactobacillus cultures contain high levels of enzymes and by adding the malted barley extract the enzyme/amino acid levels shoot way up.

    Here's how you can test my post: take 2 oz. of Hygrozyme, 2 oz. of a carbohydrate (molasses if nothing else) and 20 oz. of water. Mix and put it into an empty 2-liter soft drink bottle which will allow for the fermenting gasses to be released.

    Take the mix down to < 3.2 pH - viola! A whole new batch of Hygrozyme with the same levels of lacto cultures, amino acids, enzymes, etc. as the original product.

    If you were to buy EM-1 (or any of the EM flavors like SCD Bio Ag) you'll spend about the same for a gallon of this product vs. 1 liter of Hygrozyme.

    Malted barley extracts and powders are easily sources at home-brewing shops. Go for the lightest malts available as these contain higher enzyme levels than the dark malted barley products.


    LD "

    that its good but u can get the same from that recipe so i thought it would help along with alfalfa meal... im going to try tonight when i water general organic K-Mag so well see... i have an eggshell and vinegar mixture but i doont know if its right it dont look right as there is still eggshells but it stinks...
  6. i totally by passed the letters also i added ca-mag... we'll see fingers crossed... ill get this sooner or later hopefully sooner

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