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  1. Hello GC..
    I need some help for my sick girl.Old Leaves seems like that so please give me some advices.
    PPM:200 (with 12liter water)Nute:Gh Micro Gro Bloom(i'm just giving Micro and Gro for this time)
    Ph:5.6 (it was 6.3 last time)
    Temp:Max:29c Min:21c
    Water Temp:Max:23c Min:17c
    Humidity:Max:%60 Min:%35
    Light:32cm away from the top of the plants(250w Hps with cooltube)

    Waiting for your advices please..I don't want to loose her :(

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  2. I need your helps please GC!! Problem is growing from the old leaves :(
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    From the info you've given, that sounds/looks like it was caused by pH variation. 5.6-6.3 is a HUGE swing. The pH should change gradually from around 5.6-6.3 over the entire course of the plants life. Doing it in reverse during one res change could stop some nutes from being taken up by the plant and would shock it. A difference of one unit of pH is actually a 10x difference in the Hydrogen ion concentration!

    Keep your pH stable around 5.8 and only let it gradually drift up towards 6.5 once you're in the mid to late weeks of flower. Until your pH is stable... you won't be able to tell if there are any underlying deficiencies or toxicities. 29 degrees is also a bit warm for only being at the start of veg. Temps are only gonna go up from there. If you could keep the room from ever breaching 29 you'd be fine... but I doubt you'll be able to. I would try to lower the max temps the room reaches to 25.
  4. ^^^^^
    home run. + rep

    Luca Formula, it runs on the GH flora series, and works really well ..just Ph to 6 , mix nutes and you are good to go at 5.8....


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