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    Now I don't know if anybody else is like this or if it's just me but I have noticed after smoking a fairly decent amount, drinking, or whatever your choice of pleasure may be, that from time to time I'll get these random spurts of confused thinking. I'll sit here concentrating, staring at the screen, saying it in my head a bunch of times before I start typing.

    But I noticed, especially today that I can get out about half of what I want to say then it all derails from there. It's honestly one big figurative train wreck. It looks simple at first then once at the end you can't even tell what point was trying to be made that's how bad off it was.

    Or when I wake up at certain times as well, I can sometimes hear myself say something as soon as I wake up as if I was having a conversation with myself or I was trying to talk to somebody.

    I guess what I'm asking is has anybody else experienced these same problems. If so what did you do exactly, go to the doctors, rest it off, energy drink it up? Haha.

    And if you did happen to go to the doctor, can you please ask him to remind you what this problem was...I would only think it'd be mental/physical fatigue, stress, my depression returning, or at worse but highly unlikely schizo. I'm not asking for a medical diagnosis here or anything like that. Just simply seeing if anybody else has experienced something like this and if/what they did to get rid of it.

    Much appreciated, AyYoBurt :smoke:

  2. theres a good reason for this. mercury has been retrograding for the past week or so in it's peak. all types of ideas, communications, transportation, and what not act up when this happens. no worries it will pass pretty soon. i havnt had too many problems but everyone i know is having cell phone issues. i guess i got a little lucky cause my phone works fine.:D

  3. Not trying to sound rude by any means necessary but your post had no relevance to my OP.
  4. yes it does. when ever mercury retrogrades many people have problems exspressing ideas or thoughts. i was just rambling some of the other stuff that happens... i guess im getting affected too. :eek:
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    So is this why my friend and I have been noticing our phone acting really weird.

    But to the op, good luck man. You prob just in need of someone to talk to? A girl maybe would be good, or a close friend or something.
    Also try exhausting yourself when u goto bed. Work out, run, something to make you tired so you would just pass out.
  6. Ah, I see. My apologies.

    Actually I have people to talk to, a lovely girlfriend of going on 8 months. I'm thinking now after what was said that I may have just overloaded my system with too many different pleasures at once and that was the effect.

  7. this actually happens to me a lot :/ I blank out a lot, it's nothing bad, if anything i kind like not thinking at all LOL!

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