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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SoNe_OnE, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Aiight i have a 2 and a half foot plant and ive been feeding it 20-20-20 and Bloom Booster but i quit using the Bloom Booster because when i used it i got nuttin but problems out of it. I topped my plant and its like all the leaves that are under the growth that i topped are turning yellow and i just lightly pull on em and they fall off. I just gave it some milk today, But does n e one know what is causeing my leaves to turn yellow&fall off?
  2. sounds like it might be over fertilized. are you feeding it the 20-20-20 and the bloom at the same time. I had that problem with one strain. I was using 0-45-5 bloom and B1 and some 16-8-8 all at once. I do not do such things anymore.
  3. I fed my plant the 20-20-20 and the Bloom Booster at the same time. Now the bottom growth of my plant is fucked. All the leaves were turning yellow and came off really easy so i just pulled off all the yellow ones. I tied down my plants today and have been giving it more water. I usaully feed my plant like mabe a cup of water at the most every other day. Someone told me this could be why! I gace it some milk, hopefully this will help it out a lil. Thank you all for the info.

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