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  1. so theres this girl ive known for a while anyways yesterday walkin to school i was like hey and we talked and i was like are you goin to tha movies? and she said i wasnt invited i said oh then she was like i wanna go with you but i had this vibe that it was a joke and was like haha. then in school i was like hey again and she was like text me but i was like i dnt have your number so she gave it to me later on. straight up i like her. but every time i try to start a conversation it turns out bad like i texted her saying does tone go out with anna? (our freinds) and she texts back I DONT KNOW. i was like SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT. she said okay. anyway idk what to say if i text her like hey she says hey if i text back like wrud i get no answer like wtf??!!
  2. Quit trying to make small talk. If you wanna ask her to the movies then ask her straight up to the movies. That'll save both of you alot of time.
  3. im not tryin to straight up ask her that if she has no interest in me though
  4. you cant force love on another person. If she doesnt think that your worth giving a chance....then perhaps its best to move on.
  5. Disbelief is also a form of belief. Has she told you that she's not interested in seeing you? Well there's only one way to find out and there's only one chance not 9 tries
  6. How is she gonna have interest in you if she doesn't hang out with you and talk and get to know you for real. Yeah sure, you could text each other for awhile and stuff like that but IMO that's how people waste their time on pointless relations because that's no way to get to know somebody. Then again I may be mistaking.

  7. na i think your right,thanks
  8. No problem. Update
  9. This kid sounds like he's straight tripping hahaha. :laughing:
  10. igth so one last question i wont see her until wednesday and want her to go to homecoming with me should i try to bring that up with her in front of her and my freinds wednesday or slowly bring it up through texts?

    Homecoming is thursday night
  11. Why don't you call her instead of texting her? That way you can actually hear her tone of voice and get a better feeling as to what her vibe is.

    I would ask her if she has a date for homecoming before you straight up ask her to go with you.

    Good luck :)
  12. I agree with Leesh, call her. Or even better ask her in person but not in front of friends. That'll just put pressure on her and it might affect her answer.
  13. You should. That is how you tell if she has interest in you. Absolute worst case: she says now and it's a little awkward in the future when you see each other. Welcome to dating.
  14. F#@K texting person to person is always best.
  15. Don't call. No one under 25 calls for this kind of stuff. Plus, making small talk on the phone is way more awkward than making small talk through text. Texting, IMing or talking in person are the options. But, yeah, as was already said, quit it with the small talk. Send a brief, straightforward text asking her out or ask in person. Definitely don't make up non-reasons to contact her (like asking if her friends are dating?).

    Don't send texts that just say "hey" either. What did you expect her to say to that other than "hey"? Send a text that says "do you want to have dinner at xxx tomorrow?" if she likes you, that's all she's waiting for and if you don't do it soon you're friendzoned. If she doesn't like you, it's better you know now before the uncertainty drives you crazy.
  16. Honestly, I see no other way of approaching this. I mean no point in bullshittin about it. Just ask her. Can't hurt no more than not knowing


  17. if they do then why do you read/reply to them?? also thanks for the advice
  18. UPDATE:texted her today and said "isnt der a homcoming dance" and she replied"yeah" and i was baked as fucked and got scared and replied"kool" she replied "yeah":cry:
  19. Aw :/ it's alright to get scared, you know. But just think about it, would you rather never ever know what could have happened and possibly miss an opportunity or just take a no. It's not that bad to take a no. At least you know and won't be wasting anymore of your time, plus you seem like a sweet guy so if she says no she'll be the one to miss out. Just be courageous say 'Would you go to homecoming with me?' ! It'll take 2 seconds and the worst would be over. C'mon you can do it!!!!:)
  20. Man just straight up fuckin ask her, you wont regret it even if she says know, what you will regret is procrastination and cringeworthy, half-ass attempts at talkin to her. Every guy knows this is true, you just gotta ask straight out and do it and feel confident in yourself. If she says know, get on with your life, otherwise you've hit the fuckin jackpot.

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