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  1. this is my first grow and i have began using 3 halogen 100 real watt bulbs and i am wondering if it is ok to use these lights??....

    i have noticed that it feels like there give off alot of heat....should i change my lights or are they ok to use?
  2. From the Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green:

    "Halogen lights are small and often used for flood lighting during the night. These lights can range from anywhere between 75 and 4000 watts. Halogens get extremely hot and this creates a completely unsuitable condition for growing cannabis. They are not recommended because they can be dangerous for indoor growing use. They also have a low CRI rating. Halogens have a CCT rating of about 3000K."

    Note: you want your CRI rating to be high

    You'll find your answer more quickly and easily if you use the search function. Most questions have already been asked many many many times (this one I know has been). There's tons of helpful information already out there and you can find it through search. There's even a sub-forum on lighting in here.

    I hope this helps!
  3. no halogens are not for growing. They get too hot and are not efficient enough to grow with. Also the Real wattage of a lightbulb doesnt mean shit. Like if a CFL says 27w 100w equivillant then your running 27w, not 100w.

    You need to invest in some better lighting, how much money do you have to spend on this grow opp? how much room do you have to work with? how many plants?

  4. just 1 plant and a box that is about 4 ft tall and 3ft wide....and not a lot of money at all...
  5. ok then run CFLs you can get them at the hardware store for cheap. Run ~100w durring veg and bump it up to atleast ~150w durring flower. The more watts the better. then work on ventilation, nutrients, heat/humidity.
  6. I would like to see some pics of the babies.

  7. i am using a diy box and i am using this same exact concept: Red_Greenery's Handyman's DIY Grow Tub - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    i want to have only 3 bulbs instead of having to buy more bulbs or the dividers so i did a little searching on ebay will these lights work?

    (2) E11 Halogen Candelabra 150W 150watt Light Bulb - eBay (item 160426344465 end time Oct-18-10 16:02:05 PDT)

    i planed on putting 3 (450w) but if i was going to make sure that it does not get to hot and if it did then ill lower it down to 2 (300w) bulbs.

    also as ventilation i plan on using the same carbon filter but a bigger fan inside the box
  8. Halogens dont work for growing. too little light and too much heat.
  9. bump....last question sorry guys
  10. yes they will, if you have the proper ballast, and you will want to run a reflector as well.

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