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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by SmoknHellaTree, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello, well i just recently harvested sum crops,i got them hangin up in my woods, surrounded by piss and human hair, and yes i know its dumb hangin them up in the woods, blah blah etc.etc. But i have NO were else to let them dry foreal. But anyway, it just started to rain this morning, how will the rain affect my crop???????????
  2. You mean you stole them...

    Dont think we forgot
  3. Dude, i didn't really steal them, why would i put on any website if i have grown something illegal, do you think i actually found pot plants out in a fuckin field..? You can beleive what want, i just need advice about MY crops
  4. If your drying crop is out in the wet rain you better retrieve it immediately before it is ruined. Hang it into a dry closet and hope it dries.
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    Ya ima try. O and i would like to make a shout out tooo: The Professor, Dancing Vinodini, Dexdurr, PhilthyPhil, newbienewton, and Stoogemaster , yall can stick tha neg rep up ure *****. I know what i put at first might of pissed sum pep, but no i don't steal, and if i did see some plants, yes i would ransack. And all of you would too, don't act like you wouldn't..pshhh

    Disrespect like this is not wanted here! 420
  6. No, we wouldnt. We arent douchebags
  7. I always wondered if someone might break in and steal my plants, then I realized I don't hang out w/ anyone that dumb.

    Could you imagine a person stealing plants who doesn't know anything about growing? They probably wouldn't know how to harvest it and it'd all get moldy and go to waste.

    But there probably are people out there that dumb.

    OP, if you're trying to dry something, leaving it out in the rain is a bad idea.
  8. I can understand getting greedy and stealing someone's plants but you took your doucheness to a whole 'nother level with this thread.

  9. I have no clue whats goin on but someone sounds guilty.

    And from this post alone Im gonna guess that:

    You made a thread saying you found some plants somewhere and decided to chop them and take them as your own crop?? Then when Said Shoutout started bashing you, You decided to go back and edit your post and say that you didnt take the plants?

    Anyway. You do sound mad guilty and Idk even know what the back story is. Sayin that if we seen plants and would take them too just adds to the fact that your tryin to justify your miss deed.
  10. No you guess wrong, i did not edit, my post got deleted because i was talking of theft. And now i made a post this morning asking about drying them, and how the rain cycles affect. You can believe what yall want, lol. its wateva to me. Im just a happy guy, with lots of plants, And i just found a good place for them to dry!! So hopefully this will be a good year
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    So I was right.

    Either way you keep tryin to play off that you arnt guilty and the plants are legit soooooooo.. Guilty.
  12. Just remember, if you want them to dry, don't put them in the rain.
    And I dunno if you really stole anything or not, but it can't be too nice knowing you have to look over your shoulder. I wouldn't wanna live that way.
  13. No you said edit. I have not edited anything, i just made a new thread.Thank you
  14. I mean ya i know they aint gonna dry in the rain, i got them out the rain now, I was just wondering if one rain could like seriously damage the crop

  15. lol I wasnt focused on the word "edit" I meant you stole the plants. Clearly.

    You definatly didnt grow this stuff if your asking about rain..... The most natural thing there is...
  16. Thread has potential, I'm going to hangout for a sec.
  17. You probably harvested the plants too early anyway.
  18. He ,made a thread about how some girl told him about some plants growing in some corn fields, so he got his friends to go jack them and he came here bragging about it then the dumbass posted his picture with them
  19. Was it alot?
  20. 5 plants I believe
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