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Help Please!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tands092709, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I am in big trouble. I have a drug test for next Wednesday and I just stopped smoking this Wednesday. I am a heavy smoker and I need to know how to pass a urine test before next Wednesday. I understand that it might be impossible but I will try anyway. I have been looking on the internet the last couple of hours and I can't fine an definite answer to my problem. I am going to try and dilute but I really don't know what I need to get to help with that. I know water and I am drinking cranberry juice. Could someone tell me what else do I need to dilute my urine. Please!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would appreciate it. Thanks I am so confused right now.
  2. unless you can magically get someone elses piss into the jar bro you're pretty much fucked im afraid:/
  3. Yeah, this is going to be pretty impossible, and if you do manage to pull it off, it'll be more arbitrary than anything else. I would suggest drink an assload of liquids (water, cranberry juice, etc.) and eat lots of red meat. I've heard that the antioxidant drinks at headshops work every once in a while, but again, that'll be hit or miss.

    Good luck to you, brother.
  4. Thanks. I will try the drinks. How long do I need to dilute it?

  5. If you're really as concerned as you sounded in your original post, then I would say as much as you can, brother. Your stomach's probably not going to be empty for the next week. Not to mention your bladder. Haha.
  6. I think its dumb how they drug test for basically only marijuana, which is a harmless plant and if you do it on your own time does not effect anybody else. And then cocaine users can just do it a day before the drug test and pass.
  7. I think it is dumb to.

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