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  1. There is a Mal/Generic-A virus showing up on my sweep but i cant quarantine it. everytime it comes up as failed.
    please help, what can i do
  2. when booting up hit f8 a bunch to go into a menu and boot up into safe mode

    then try to remove it
  3. Ok first of if my PC was as infected as yours sounds I wouldn't even bother trying to rid it of viruses and malware, I would just reformat, it's almost always quicker than trying to clean a severely infected PC. If you don't know how to reformat your hard drive then let me know ant ill write a tutorial in my next reply.
    If you can't or don't want to reformat then there is a great piece of free software you can try called “Ultimate Boot CD for Windows” you can download the boot CD maker software at and that software with your original windows disk makes a boot CD for you, there should be full instructions on their site. You can also just grab an already made ubcd4win.iso from my website, I'm uploading it for you right now, if it works it will be at it's a disk image (.iso) so all you have to do is burn it to a CD restart your computer and it should boot up. You can burn image files to disk with nero or magic iso.
    What UBCD4Win does is boot up your PC from there windows like operating system that is completely on disk and independent of your regular windows operating system and it has lots of malware removal tools that if your connected to the internet through LAN will automatically update and will be able to completely scan your system with out the windows engine running.
    Using a regular Malware removal tool is kind of like trying to clean your cars engine without shutting it off.
    I hope all this makes sense, if not let me know I'll try and explain better.
    Reformatting is your best bet but UBCD4Win is a computer tech secret tool and gets many positive results and it really easy to use regardless of how good I explained it.
    I hope this was helpful. Please check out my web site it's a marijuana oriented site but I have a tech section I just started with some computer tutorials “potheads need computer help too” Enjoy
  4. ANTI-VIRUS and ANTI-MALWARE You should never pay for anti-virus software. Have you ever herd the saying "You always get what you pay for"? Well this is one occasion where that's wrong, some free anti virus software is just as good or better than the leading brand name anti virus programs.
    1. AntiVir Anti-Virus - This is my favorite piece of free software iv come across, its one of the best anti-virus programs out there and its completely free. There is a payed version of it that just offers some extra features that you might never use and customer support.every time it updates which is about every 3 days a little popup window will appear advertising the extra features, that's a small price to pay for such a good free anti-virus program
    2. MalwareBytes - This is a great malware removal tool and its totally free. If you have tried other spyware and adware removal tools and you still have a problem than this program is for you. The scan is a little slow but i goes in depth and finds everything.
    Between these two pieces of free software your computer should stay clean from Malware.
    There are more great tech tutorials at How To Grow Bud : Your Official Marijuana Growing Resource

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