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  1. i planted 2 seeds with long germinated roots. 2 days later i found a big lamp around the house and used it for a light. 3 minutes later my soil or plants started to emitt smoke. so i took off the lamp as fast as i could, and left them in darkness for the rest of the photoperiod(which was only 4 more hours).

    i went back to them when the next photoperiod was about to start, and one was dead and yellow. the other had a little yellow on it so i through the dead seedling away, and put the other in the sun and watered it. now a day later it has a grey spot on one of the round leaves and one of thepointed leaves is small and yellow.

    i used miracale grow organic potting soil so i dont think its the soil but i dont want my first grow to go completely wrong before one week. what do i do?[​IMG]
  2. How fucking close was that light?
  3. about 5 inches from a inch and a half stem
  4. Dam dog what kinda light you got in that lamp. Please don't tell me its an incandescent bulb lol... :confused:
  5. Im pretty sure it had to be the lamp unless your light was actually touching your plants.
  6. the lamp is not the problem of right now. my live plant has a pionted leaf that is yellow and stopped growing when this incident is out in the sun right now and is following the sun as expected.i need to know if it will always be "unactive" or just for a litttle while.
  7. It will keep growing, the leaf tips that got burned though won't start growing again. So what kind of light were you using? I've never heard of anything happening like this before.
  8. Yeah dude, did you just use some household lamp?

    Because thats how your posts make it seem.
  9. 23 watt flourecent in a max 250 watt lamp

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