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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. hey guys. i need some help. my friend and i bought to eigths of some good kb for dirt cheap. i smoked like 1 bowl of it so far and have my eight a shit load left. i recently found out that my parents will be home 24/7. i wont really have time to smoke with out them being there. whats the best way to hide my state of being from them? say i need to spend like 30 mins with them or something. is there a tip or trick to acting "un-stoned"? i need it BAD PLEASE! i can use drops and shit.... andi can prolly hide my hunger. my mom knows ive smoked before. my sstep dad has no idea and would slit my throat if he found out. my mom doesnt really mind but i need methods of acting "un-stoned" or sober or straight... what ever the term is. just think of it this way... theres 1/8th oh hig grade kb wasting away unless u give me help! thankx guys!

    keep on touking!
  2. what i do sometimes is right after i eat dinner i say im going to bed, pop open the window. toke and sit and chill with music and then hit the sack(go to sleep)
  3. Just say youre goin to the store, go out, smoke some, then when you get home, try to act normal, say hello to them and go right to your room and shut the door. Works for me.

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