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  1. i believe that is a muscle relaxer? i think i had that when i tore a muscle in my leg for a couple weeks

    i wouldnt snort it

    It's skelaxin, it won't get you high at all, and if you snort it you are going to have a nose full of nasty shit. Just fucking eat it man.
  3. yeah i wouldn't either, it doesn't affect your brain directly so snorting it probably waste msot of it. i imagine it wouldn't be too good for your nose either
  4. It's non-narcotic and it is so weak that it really has no good effects with any dosage. You can snort any pill, but that doesn't mean you should man. I'm pretty sure that the skelaxin is going to be a base or some other non-salt form which makes it pretty unsuitable to snort.

    Just. Don't. Do. It.
  5. That's the kind of pill that you only really feel if you need it and have been taking it for a couple weeks so it's able to build on itself.

    (Have a friend that had some back trouble, he had these.)

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