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    set up info.
    400 watt hps @36"
    78 degrees @ 45% hum.
    flood and drain
    nute burn?

    This is just one of my ww.Man i dont want to lose my baby, my rock wool at least for this plant, has a high ph, i jumped from using a weak nute solution (normally scheduled between week 1 and 2) to full strength week 3 and and my solution had a ph of 6.0 maybe just a bit higher, now zinc has been locked out, got spray and grow and sprayed last night and i know t hasnt been long enough to make a difference but i do know that it also has nute burn, just fed on sat or sunday, and they are already recovering from over watering, even though they are still full, would it be ok to leach the rockwool anyway? This would lead to over watering again, but will this help? i think maybe 2 are suffering from nute burn. Can i flush now to help or should i not and wait till next feeding and feed with straight ph adjusted water?:( Any help from the experts, would be greatly apprec. any ideas? I also have one plant with a strong stem above the soil, but very weak just below, and it is falling over, it is being tied up , any ideas for that, or is it going to be a loss? It is just as big as this one but less nute burn. If leaching is possible now, it will have to be done individually.Th rest dont look like this one. But i do believe i will be leaching all (not the babies) next feeding, there is salt res. building on the outside of the plastic on the rockwool that came off on my hands), and i am afraid of feeding too much nutes again. Will be giveing slightly lower nutes form here on out to make damn sure this doesnt happen again if it isnt too late!

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  2. "Zinc Lock-outs"
    Thats beyond my pay-grade???
  3. i think they may be coming bac, but thanks for looking anyway, your stuff is what it is all about man!:wave:
  4. Hey bro - do you have a pH and EC meter? if so, what is the pH? I bet it's NOT 5.8....

    This looks like a typical pH issue to me... rust spots, twisted leaves, this is not just zinc but more of the micro's causing this.

    Check your pH.
  5. thanx for the reply, i think i may have put too much macro nute and the ph may need to be 5.5 to 5.8. i originally didnt soak long enough i think. i used some spray-n-grow a couple days ago, they look alittle better, but think i am going to flush this weekend, what do you think? good idea? i am also going raise the baby plants alittle closer to the same height as the bg ones to try to get them as compact as the big ones, Let me know what you think. Thank you again, the more imput the better so they will be raised correctly.

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