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  1. Hey man, whats up my friend and i just picked some off his dads plant...we let it dry for 2 days, its still really wet, we r having a hard time lightning it, and we were wanting to know if there was any way that we can dry it out quickly

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  2. you could try wraping it in tinfoil and lighting it till its dry. some of my frinds did that when they got a nugg off 1 of our friends plants
  3. a hairdryer on the cool setting maybe?
  4. paper bag ,put into the sun , will be dry in 2 hrs
  5. I was picking off one of my plants for a few weeks. All you do is turn the oven on Broil and after it heats for a few, put the herb in on a cookie sheet for about 30 seconds until you see the first hint of smoke from the longer leaves and then pull it out quick. It will be ready to smoke and it doesnt really take away any of the potency. I have done this dozens of times.:D
  6. pop it on top of a heater on top of piece of kitchen roll in a brown paper bag from your local greengrocers.

    Also if youve got a dehumidifier put ur green near to it and put it on full power.

    If you've got an oven leave the door open, and set it to about 120 for a few hours. The THC will degrade a bit but not too much, but the taste wont be great.

    LIGHT DEGRADES THC THE WORST - dont forget that

    Want some ideas for storing your buds check out and have a read of the other articles while your there :)
  7. DJ420, you are so funny! i can totally see you standing there watching your bud in the oven waiting for it to smoke and then hurrying up and pulling it out super fast. the mental image just makes me laugh. thanks for that!
  8. problem. That's about how it is too. Can't wait to do it again in a few weeks:D. I have 8 gorgeous white widows that are 1 week into 12/12. I've never tried white widow before so Im pretty pumped.
  9. I tried another method last night, using a large radiator placing the bud on top and turning every 20 mins, took a few hours but the bud was gorgeous, and still retained smell and strength, would recommend for a quick smoke :smoke:
  10. Sorry, I have no advice to assist people in stealing other people's weed. You and your friend should leave his dad's plants alone, that's the best wisdom I have to share.

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