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  1. could someone tell me what this is?

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  2. well see i live up north and we just got over a bad ice storm and i lost power for a few days,i had to move my babies to a friends and he lost it to so they kinda got shocked from that , but it really looks bad now
  3. whoa that's really cool lookin
  4. actually its not any thoughts?
  5. ive also checked that guide didnt really help
  6. I'm just guessing that it's pH but it just looks somewhat similar to the pic of pH being off. The plant looks healthy though and there's no signs of it in the new growth...I'd say just add a couple tablespoons of vinegar in the next watering to get the pH down to 6.7, that is if you don't have any pH Down.
  7. well i will try that thank you, but im almost positive my ph is at 7
  8. What are you using to test the pH?...and ferts too?
  9. im using one of them droppers and puttin either the soil or liquids in a mixer and doin it that way
  10. it looks like a trait of whichever strain it is, note that on the leaves that appear to be going kinda white, it allways goes to the same point and no further........i mean it's like 1/2 the leaf and then it stops at the same point on all the white leaves........very nice looking, and you have no idea as to the strain?......Peacew out......Sid
  11. the strain is skunk #1 and i think it might be a nutrient problem because its also appearing on the new growth
  12. its sure purtey :)
  13. thank you highwatha

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