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    20190729_193726.jpg 20190729_193726.jpg 20190729_193657.jpg 20190729_193707.jpg 20190729_193720.jpg Im have this happen to all my plants after about 2 weeks od healthy growth then this starts can someone please help im using canna A and recharge micros and mag plus i dont know what this is that is kill my plants ive wdnt threw 6 seeds so far
  2. 20190729_193726.jpg 20190729_193726.jpg 20190729_193726.jpg
  3. Now about your setup.... Light? age of plants? Medium? Feeding schedule? Ph? Need all this info to logically figure out where you're going wrong. No offense meant by that statement, but six seeds in a row and the same thing is happening, then it's gotta be a mistake on your part . Let's get it figured out!
  4. Ive used this setup multiple times i use a 130 true watt white light led in a 6ft cabinet its 4ft from the plants im useing canna coco the plants are about 2 weeks old the stay healthy till they get about the size in pic then start doi g what u see its about 80 in the cabinet with about 45 humidity
  5. Ph comes out the faucet about 7 i keep it there never had a problem before
  6. I would kick that up a bit. They nay be starving to death .I'm not in Coco, but I know most feed every water and some water twice a day depending on their needs and the dryness of the coco
  7. Thanks for the follow by the way

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