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  1. hi all,
    so last night i picked one of my plants up and with the weight of the flower the plant bent and the tops pretty much touched the floor.
    when i stood it back up i noticed one of the tops has gone limp like it has snapped but i cant see any cracks/snaps in the stem its just bent i think.
    do you think it will recover?
    if not would i be best removing the branch or leaving it to die?
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  2. Pop a pic up, sounds like its basically "supercropped" itself, it will most likely heal. A picture will let us judge better.
  3. ill post a pic later on bro, lights are off in the day to keep temps down.
    thats what i was hoping, i cant see any major damage to the stem.
    i should also mention the are in week 6 now lol, will they still heal themselves at this stage?
  4. Yes, plus the plant will produce more resin because defense mech will kick in. It eill heal aslong as nothings a clean snap dude.
  5. Probs put its energy into healing n not flowering don't quote me on that tho I've heard all flowering energy goes to healing breaks and snaps maybe internal tissue damage

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  6. this is the one bro, it looks to be recovering so alls good hopefully ✌️

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  7. Ye dude, that will be 100% fine.
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