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  1. 2 of my 5 plants are starting to fall over anything that I could do to fix this?
  2. Are you talking about seedlings or what?
  3. I have pics but am unsure how to post them I thought I did they're about 10 inches tall
  4. Figured it out

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  5. stakes.. wire..cage ....yo-yo's
    simple really ?

    I'd be working on the whitefly than the lean!
    Neem Oil is good
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  6. This
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  7. What is whitefly? I'm very new to this I've tried last year using pots but the became rootbound and wilted within a week after transplant
  8. What is whitefly?
  9. There's no flies on the plants the white is from the soil on the leaves because of the rain we've been getting
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  10. There is no whiteflys that's just soil from the rain that dried on the leaves
  11. I was mainly quoting him on "stakes.. wire..cage ....yo-yo's". I hadn't noticed the white stuff on top of the leaves until he pointed them out lol. I was focusing on the tall leggy plant.
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  12. I'm trying to understand what's so funny, I'm asking for help and I'm tryingy best to explain you say lol but aren't being any help at all
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  14. And the other one

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  15. What is a accent member? For plants that don't get enough light and fall over give them some support. Next time don't let them get so leggy before putting them out.
  16. What is a accent member?

    as yes I can imagine this Ru has an accent

    but so do you

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