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    I know I'm stupid and imptatient and I know that you guys will tell me that but I understand. I'll let you know that I'm first time growing.

    I'm from Serbia and I'll use this oportunity to greet everyone on this site. Kudos!

    So. We smoked some dank weed few days ago, I think 3 and there was just one seed from the buds.
    I already had other two plants already developing as stems and developing those "true leaves". Oh yeah, I need to ask. One of them is developing those first two "true leaves" so it has four leaves while there's other, in same stadium but developing just one "true leaf" thus, having total 3 leaves. Is it harmfull for the plant? Those two seeds were feminised.

    So, back to my point. I got that seed, rushed to put it in water. It pushed it's taproot withnin next day in evening and after that, I placed it in soil (as with previous two, I used soil from my backyard, without adding anything except a bit of water) and I waited.

    Now, since I was afraid and I was impatient (day or so passed since planting), I went to dig out a bit of soil from the cup (other two are in same cups) but I couldn't find it (rofl) so I dug out all the soil and NOTHING. I was like wtf man, how could it disappear? Then, I checked whole soil (since it was muddish and not so moist) and found the seed. But! - I noticed also that the seed's shell or husk fell off as soon as I touched it. Same happened to other side of seed and there was that white embryo. Embryo and it's tap root are untouched and in perfect condition (visualy) and I got another round of soil (which is airy and light, not compressed or muddy) and putted the embryo like that in half of centimeter depth and placed some water (just to make it moist, like spraying).

    Will the plant emerge like that or it will die? With understanding that husk/shell stands there to protect young embryo, I placed the cup in house, where is warm (since outside is cold, we're putting on fire).
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  2. Ok, I think I get it. First seeds from buds areny6a sure female their 50 50 chance. Feminized from a seed bank is always best. You said one or 3 were feminized so good. The ones sprouting sound normal...first 2 round leaves then 3 prong leaves and 5 to 7 even 9 when a plant os mature. As far as the seed you got impatient with you can give it the best chance at life but don't waste too much time or money on a crap plant. I would chuck it and tend to your other babies. Hope this was some help.
    Good luck.


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  3. Thank you for your response Elude, means a lot my friend.

    I'm waiting for my phone to charge up a bit and then, I will show you my plants. They did start bending ( I assume because they were inside on the window and were searching for light since again, it's cold here, less than 20celsius but around) but I placed sticks near them and gently tied them up (not too much to push plant). I will send pictures in next... 10 minutes?

    As for the seed that I fucked up. don't worry. 3 plants are better than two. If it will be male then what we can do but at least, 50% chance for another female. But, is there any good chance that it will survive?

    I'm not tending to sell weed and earn money. I planned to grow them and have my own stash for my own enjoyment. I do not know what type of seeds are but the weed from the one i fucked up was real good, I think some indica. I hope those feminised (which I didn't order) are some cool hybrids laughers.

    I also do not own any equipment nor i planned on growing them inside. Though, in their first days of ascending from soil (those two) they were outside on sunny days and I've let them once be on rainy day to collect some natural water.

    Thanks again!
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    Here they are. I hope I did everything good and that they look good too!

    20160502_141301.jpg 20160502_141242.jpg 20160502_141342.jpg

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