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  1. Changing everything I've done in the past to try organic growing but finding a problem I haven't seen before in my vegging plants (from seed)

    Can anyone tell me what is causing this weird effect on the new leaves & how to fix it? I'm using roots organic soil & nutrient line and hope to brew teas in the future

    Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks

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  2. them thick leaves with deep veins is caused by over watering

    the yellow is nute burn, the odd white/drown spot is white fly

    the real deal here is to pot them up to a 3 usgallon black round pot

    use the same mix but add 30% perlite or clean river sand to dilute this soil mix

    no nutes for 2-3 weeks or until you see some positive action

    in future grows ensure you mix these white rock(perlite) into the soil

    it aids in root compaction, drainage, and nute burn

    nows a good time to plant some comfrey for budding tea

    and locate nettles for the veg tea, use an air stone to grow the good bugs

    good luck

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