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  1. Hi all.
    I'm a first time grower about a week into my grow.
    I have a 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 m tent
    Using a 250w cfl bulb
    A 4" extractor fan pulling air through the carbon filter and out into my loft space.
    The tent itself is inside a cupboard that is the exact same size as the tent. This doesn't allow any space around the tent to draw fresh air inside.
    Due to the age of some people in my home I have to have the cupboard door locked at all time except for a few hours during the late evening .
    I am really struggling to keep the temps down inside the tent/cupboard. Averaging between 75-90 ' :(
    So what I'm thinking is to fit a small vent in the bottom of the cupboard door to allow better air flow.
    Do people think this will be enough or should I set up a little fan in front of the vent blowing into my tent and hopefully drawing air inside through the vent.
    Hope this makes sense ?
    Do people think this will be enough or even work at all ?
    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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  2. In a small space like that, heat is always the biggest issue. You should always have some type of fan blowing down around your plants to help disperse air down inside your grow area and exercise your plant. You'll also have to have some sort of ventilation system going that gets the temps down to below the mid 80's to be safe. You're not working with much room at all there, but don't get your hopes up if you're planning on flowering with the same CFL's. They do not put out energy to produce big buds and developed plants. If you want your harvest to be as big and good as it can, you definitely need a more powerful light for flowering. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to how much good light they get during flower...without being crowded out by a bunch of plants. Sounds like you've got enough room in your space for about 1 small plant. You don't have to worry much about smell until you get on into the flower phase...which is when they really start to resin up and begin to smell super strong. Not much smell at all in veg cycle. TWW
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  3. Yeah sorry I do have a small oscillating fan blowing around the seedlings but it doesn't bring the temps down as I'm not sure I'm actually getting enough air inside.
    A friend is going to lend me a set of led lights for later On in the grow
    Budmaster II UK XG-4 LED Grow Light
    Hopefully they will be a bit cooler to ?

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  4. So I'm the thinking of fitting this onto the bottom of the door to allow so fresh air
    Will this be enough?
    Thanks :)

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