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  1. I'm growing organic and I've read a lot about not phing your tea but the time I didn't ph the tea my leaves looked burned... If it's not from the ph what is it from any suggestions ????

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  2. We'll need more detail in order to help you...

    You're "growing organic"? What does that mean? Did you build your own soil, or are you using "organic" bottled nutrients and bagged soil?

    What kind of "tea" are you using? How often are you applying it?

    Plants that size in containers that small do not need a lot of nutes, regardless of what form they come in...
  3. Not sure what's up because I don't grow 100% organic. pH does not "burn" your plants. Having the pH out of whack for an extended period of time will lock up the roots of your plant and make it unhealthy, but it does not burn. Nutrients burn. You say you are growing organic. Are you using a soil created from an organic recipe or did you just buy a bag of "organic" soil off the shelf. If it's off the shelf, your soil has burned your plants which is pretty common. You can't believe what you read. The bag, though it may say in large letters....ORGANIC...99.9% of the time is loaded with slow release fertilizer. If you've mixed up your own soil without a recipe, there's your problem. If you've never grown truly organically before, it's always best to use a proven successful recipe to mix your soil with. By doing this, you ensure yourself that you are meeting the plant's nutritional needs and you don't run the risk of getting the balance off. Hope that helps. That's about as far as my knowledge of true organic growing goes. LOL I use very good soil and because of that and the way I bring my plants up, I use very little added nutrients in my plants. I do not use liquid fertilizer kits. I switched to a powder combo...veg/bloom, several years ago. I typically use about 1/4 of their recommended strength throughout and maybe only once or twice feed half strength all the way through the plant's lives. I want them to be as healthy as they can be, get what they need to thrive but do it with as few chemical additions as possible. I don't flush my plants before harvest. I simply only give pH'd water the last couple of weeks before harvest and the taste is good and pure. I sort of looked into going 100% organic, but I'm going to be honest with you. I can't imagine how complicated it would be to get all that stuff they use together in bulk like I use and how expensive it would be. We flower about 25-30 plants off every 10 weeks normally and I go through some soil and pay a ridiculous price for it, but the difference it makes in my plants is tremendous and I've always believed you get what you pay for. It's true for soil, anyway. LOL Good luck. The more you grow, the more you know and the better you get at it. Once you've gotten a couple of plants through their life cycle and got a handle on the process, it's just a constant repetition of the same. Once you get a good setup together and a good understanding of what's going on, it doesn't take long at all to recoup your investment and from that point you are in control of what you consume. Happy growing! TWW

  4. We brew our own tea the only nutrients we are using is flora nova... And we are feeding every three days we've got big girls in 7 gal and just figured it wouldn't hurt to give the left over tea to the little clones but would you suggest making completely different water for the clones ??
  5. Thank you for all the great information... We are using promix and a new brand of soil called smoking tomatoes made in Michigan. LOL but again thanks for your help !
  6. flora nova isnt organic.
    what tea are you using? i would recommend a kelp tea. and check out the no-till thread for all info about organic growing.
  7. Most bagged soils have plenty of available nutrient in them to get from one transplant to the next during veg'. After the last transplant prior to flowering, they generally do not contain enough nutrients to get one through a complete flowering cycle without amending/fertilizing in some way, shape, or form.

    You say that you're using promix and the "smoking tomaotes" soil mix...

    What are those cuts/seedlings growing in?

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