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    Ok so I have been doing endless research on my current situation and found out that I am pretty fucked but I thought I would try one last time to get some useful advice. So I was released from jail on the 18th of October I was in for a probation violation for smoking weed now I know I am a dumb ass so please keep those comments to yourself I am already kicking myself in the ass as it is anyway so when I got out I went and saw my probation officer then after I decided it would be a bright idea to spark up just once, of course the just once was great so I kept smoking like a tool because I love my ganja. Yesterday was my last day I smoked I have to see my probation officer next Wednesday so I was wondering if there was any chance I can pass a test if they give me one?  Anyway  thanks for reading 

  2. How often did you smoke? There is a chance you will pass it can go either way I'd say work out and drink cranberry juice bout all u can do

    Also dumb ass don't smoke on probation
  3. You're fucked.

    Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?
  4. Nope. Ain't that what 2nd chances are 4? :laughing:
  5. Lol, I reckon this is the third chance, right?

    1st was getting caught.
    2nd was getting caught smoking.
    Aaaaand this is the third...

    ...? Profit?
  6. Close. There's a couple extra steps.
    1: Get caught
    2: Get caught again
    3: Get AIDS
    4: Say your usage is for a medical reason
    5: Appeal and sue the government for indiscriminate and cruel punishment of illogical standards by the DEA scheduling
    6: Turn it into a media fiasco
    7: Get cancer to top it off
    8: Get medical marijuana legalized federal
    9: Get labeled as an American martyr
    ...10... Profit?
  7. because you werent so bright im not gonna give any advice
  8. if nothing else, OP getz profit...eventually :laughing:
  9. Dude, your a weed addict. You can't stop smoking even when jail is looming over your head? And the whole I'll do it just once bullshit is textbook addict. No way your passing after smoking with that kind of consistency. I hope you like tossing man-salad.

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