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Help Please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by erovick13, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. So I live in DC and me and a few friends got caught the other day with about 6 grams between us....the cops took us in finger printed us and all. I have a court date set for February 20th but I do not know what will happen to me in DC since I just moved here. The officer arresting me said that I would not be sent to prison but would likely have the charges dropped or be much would I be fined though? and would I have to go on probation for a first offense to get my charges dropped? Will i get drug tested in court? Please help...this whole thing is stressing me out...horrible way to start second semester 

  2. you should just deal with these things as they come and in the meantime go back to what you were doing in your life but be more careful.
  3. Fuck em. Get a lawyer and FIGHT! Without all the info no one here can tell you anything short of that. Keep toking if you want. It's already in your system. But a good lawyer is in your best interest. Look on MPP and check out lawyers in your area. And since you are here... Break it down for us. How'd it happen, why were you stopped, and who gave him permission to search?
  4. Well we were walking to a field where we usually smoke ( its hidden and you can see cops coming from a mile away....its one mile off campus....and my friend idiotically pulled out his vape and started using it (after I told him not to pull it out until we got to our hidden area)which the VICE unit immediately saw and stopped us....they searched our pockets and bags and found my weed....I am pissed at my friend for being an idiot and pulling his vape out in public because it screwed a bunch of us over....the cop had probable cause because he saw the vape. I had no bowls or shit on me so i only got a possesion charge but my other friends had bowls and vapes and a barbosol stash jar so they got drug paraphenelia charges along with their possesion charges. 
  5. You will probably be on probation.
  6. the cop told me that I would likely get a stern warning or a fine....but i do not know if I believe that.the internet is very cloudy when it comes to the marijuana DC penalties. I know prison time isnt gonna happen but I wonder how much I will get fined or how long I will be put on probation for ...especially with DC likely to decriminalize marijuana on february 4th.
  7. Get a lawyer. No probable cause maybe. Just because he had a vape doesn't mean there is or was weed in it. Plus he was the one with it. Not you. You'd be surprised what a lawyer can do.

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    First they are going to piss test you before court, if its dirty they haul you to jail, strip search you and search your butt hole.
    Your going to come away walking funny.
  9. When the state needs money the people will pay. When they decriminalize, do you think they'll let guys out of prison or make them finish their sentence? Get a lawyer. And don't take the plea bargain right away. See if you can get PBJ. six months probably. But better than a year and a grand in fines. Which is what the first"bargain" will be. Not such a bargain huh?
  10. very funny but the cop told me there would definitely be no prison sentence because it was first offense and way below one ounce and with no intent to distribute
  11. Im not going to prison I know that and the cops who arrested us and the people who processed us said that likely nothing will happen but I do not feel like I can trust them.....hopefully its just a small much shit over a plant that does no harm to people and can be beneficial....what is this world coming to?
  12. It's coming to shit brother. And no, you can't trust them. They tell you that shit to placate you and keep you calm. Makes you easier to control. 6 months probation, $500 fine, and $125 in court costs is probably your best bet. If it's less great... But I doubt it'll be more. PBJ is probation before judgment. Cheaper fine, less probation, but you may have to take a drug class. If they try that tell them no and take it to court... They'll offer another plea. It's a negotiation. And if you act like a bitch... they'll treat you like one. Talk Hard!

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