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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by aceer15, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. They look thirsty. You'll be lucky if they survive!
  2. I stopped watering them as much when I saw the seedlings leaning over, thought I over-watered them. They've been watered yesterday and last friday with ph'd water. Any suggestions?
  3. Plant into a soil
  4. I have no previous experience, I have a hydro ebb and flow set-up ready to go. no soil here...any ideas to keep it soil-less?
  5. No idea...
  6. if you want to avoid soil, rockwool but transplanting them at this stage wont be easy and they need urgent attention - keep them damp.
  7. First just want to thank both of y'all for tryin to help. Im just trying to decide if it needs more or less water and more or less light, right now they have a 4 bulb 96 watt light on them at about 4 inches away and another 24 watt single bulb at around 5 inches.

  8. I've already got them in rapid rooter with from what I've read is about the same as rockwool
  9. more water in this instance & always more light.

    rapid rooter should be fine, just make sure you water them soon as/before they dry out.
  10. do you think any of the lights could be too close? I moved them closer yesterday because it looked like they were stretching a little. Also, the reason I cut back on watering was because the plants started drooping towards the soil, was this from too much water?

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