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  1. Is a good option to start in 0,23L pots (seedlings)
    Then to 5,5 L pots
    And finally -> to holes ( guerrila )

    I don't know if is a good option to go from 0,23L pots to 5,5L pots...
    Will this cause any stress?

    or should I make another type of process from seedling to holes?

    Need your opinion
  2. The way i go outside from seedling is

    dixie cup
    then to 3gal pot/bag
    then to the outdoors
  3. Yes but how many weeks You leave on the cup, and on 3gal pot?
  4. until the distance between the cotyledon and the very top is 1-2 inches
    then take off the cup and bury it all the way to the cotyledon leaves
    creates strong roots and very sturdy stem
    then if you can try put it outside for a couple hours a day to prep, your prepping it to live out there.
    once your at a foot or two your pretty much ready to have some monsters..
  5. the cotyledon leaves are the two first leaves, they usually just fall off and die

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