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    First time grower here. I'll do my best to provide you with all the information to help me with my problem. So if you don't see some things on this first post that should be there to help you identify what exactly the problem might be, please forgive me. The plants I'm showing you with the brown spots are about 4-5 weeks in. I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest for soil. I mix it with perlite, vermiculite and a little bit of sand. I use Mountain Ice Distilled water that, I try to get the pH between 6.0 - 6.5, I am using a color chart, I imagine its less accurate then the digital but its all i have. I water them when they are pretty dry. Not bone dry but about there. Now the first 2 weeks we were using the hard water from my basement facet to water the plants. After a little bit I noticed and orangish residue on the perlite, thats when I changed to distilled water. I try to keep the temperature between 71-77 during the day and no less then 60 at night. It has fluctuated and got up to 85 and as low as 59. Humidity is anywhere between 40-65. The light I am using for the larger ones are 4-54 watt 4 foot T5 6500k's. Honestly I do not know what the little one is for my seedlings. I will update this when I check it out, sorry. Now the brownness came about 10 days ago. It's on a majority of the plants but some are perfectly fine with no brown. But I did notice the new leaf's are yellow. That is all I can think of for now, please help. Feel free to request anything I may have forgotten. Thanks!

    I plan on putting them under a 600w HPS when I want to flower them, about 12"-14".

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  2. Bumping this for you because Im interested in the answer too
  3. Your PH run off should be between 6.3-6.8, 6.0 is getting a little low and can be locking some nutrients out. As for Ocean Forest soil the nutes in it I heard are only good for a few weeks or so. In the first pic the single bladed leaf that you showed turning yellow will naturaly die off, thats totaly normal for it to do so.
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    So its pH. How to I resolve this. I have transplanted the bigger ones about a two weeks ago already.
  5. Have you fed them any nutes in the 4-5 weeks they have been in Ocean Forest soil? It says its good for 30 days on the bag but I started feeding them a weaker solution of nutes around 2 weeks or so depending on how they look. Once a leaf is damaged it wont repair itself you want to at that point to keep it from spreading. A PH of 6.5 is like a safe zone where it will take up a wide variety of nutrients it needs. I would suggest getting a good digital PH meter. It will give you better controll of the PH and more accurate readings. Hanna and Bluelab make really good meters at various price ranges. With a digital meter you would also need some calibration solution and some bottle of PH Up & Down.
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    Thanks for the info. I have not fed them anything up to this point. I am going to upload some pictures of each individual plant so you can get a better look. I just picked up a digital one so that problem is solved.

    Is there anything else at all from the pictures you can tell me to check or possibly consider looking into that could improve their conditions?
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    The little ones the first thing I would do is test the PH of the soil run off. How long have the little ones been in the Ocean Forest soil for? PH problems can cause twisting leaves and certain nutes getitng locked out. But the same deficiencys can also be caused by not feeding them enough or not feeding them when their ready for nutes.
  8. The little ones are 2 weeks old. They have always been in the Foxfarm soil.
  9. Thats right around when I start feeding mine nutes mixed at a weaker mix ratio then what the manufacturer calls for. But I would hold off untill you know what the PH run off of them is with your new digital meter.
  10. I moved them from what I originally planted in to those cups about 3 days ago with fresh soil and distilled water. I was thinking about spraying them with some rooting solution? Would that be a good idea or no?

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