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  1. I am about to get fucked by my parents tomorrow, because I usually take a shower at a certain time so I smoke out the window with a sploof and this worked. Every. Day. Until I got lazy and didn't wash the smell off much. So my mom tells me to look at some stuff for colleges. She then goes *snif* why do you smell funny? And starts bitching about how she has seen the signs. (I was previously caught this year because who I thought was a friend, told his mom I supplied him when he got caught. Neighbors. I never supplied that fucker). So she says my dad will have a talk with me tommorow. Any way to get out? I have loads of shit in my room and will have to hide it outside somewhere in the morning! God damn! Help!!!
  2. Anybody? I don't mean to be a bitch, but I'm screwed. My whole life is falling to pieces lately and this is going to fuck me.
  3. Straighten your butt up,and wait til you get thru college to indulge in weed..first things first..
  4. I think you've answered most of your own question there - what more can you do than that?

    Act in a mature fashion, don't get emotional, let them say what they have to and personally though many will advocate that you stand up for your right to smoke and shove "the union" down their throats, I'd suggest that you just let it go, and be more discreet in future.
    Take up hiking. Do it someplace else.
  5.'re about to get fucked by your parents? That's some kinky shit bro.
  6. Okay, but is there anyway I might be able to play it off? Like just deny everything?
  7. Move out. You're a grow man. What can they really do to you? :cool:
  8. You don't understand, I'm in no position financially for that right now.
  9. hide your stuff. if youve got a bong your screwed unless you sneak out lol
  10. not really i mean just go with it and agree to keep it away from there house?
  11. He was in a similar situation a while back. Though he has a way with words and has charisma, he talked his way out. If you can think fast, know how to lie, and have a good attitude then you can pull it off. But if you cant, then own up to it..
  12. U can't think of it as a drug. Tell them its a fuckin plant. Your not poisoning your liver with it, and I suggest you learning some facts and spitting those out. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Don't start yelling and screaming, Even if they do just keep your cool. SHow them the facts and maybe if they can are open to learn a thing or two you may have a chance. I saved a bunch of bookmarks on my computer and showed them to my mom. After reading everything she let me get a tape, because it has been said to be the healthiest/less smelling way.

  13. Basically this^^. Also state that you are grown and you can make your own decisions. If they have a problem with the "drugs" in the house just stick all your shit in a backpack and stick it somewhere in the backyard, thats what i did

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