Help please, yellow leaves.

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  1. I don't know why this is happening. This is my first experience. Leaves are turning yellow and falling and everyday I notice new yellow leaves.
    My soil pH is: 7.2
    It's not overwatered I've been really cautious about that.
    They're on vegetative stage (day 65)
    I'm using FloraNova Grow (7-4-10 NPK). They're on the point of death and I don't know what to do.

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  2. how much are you feeding her and how often?
  3. 10ml (this isn't the exact number sometimes it's 7ml sometimes 15ml I'm trying to hit the PPM range on feeding schedule which is 600-900) FloraNova Grow per gal. I water every 2-3 days and after three times of watering I'm just giving her pure water, without any nutrients.
  4. Is it the bottom leaves that are turning yellow? I just completed my very first grow and had the same issue. I lost like the bottoms 4 nodes but everything else worked out. I read it was bc they are lower and won’t produce bud so are sending nutrients to the top. I hope all works out for you like it did for me. I just harvested a few days ago and are drying now. [​IMG]

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  5. Yo looks great! Yes, mostly bottom leaves, I spotted few on the middle-up tho. It's like older fan leaves are turning yellow the big ones. I hope she survives.
  6. Maybe I'm not giving enough nutrients I was trying to avoid nutrient burn and follow the feeding schedule but schedule ends on 1 month veg. stage. She is 2.5 months old and she's big like 5.5 feet tall maybe she doesn't get enough nutes she needs. Should I increase the dosage to like 20ml? 1600 PPM would that be too much? I really don't know what to do.
  7. It's normal for the plants to drop bottom fan leaves after yellowing. Don't increase and burn them. Just keep doing what u do. I usually go one day fertz one day water one day fertz one day water. I give water daily about a gallon per plant for plants 4-6ft tall. After a month I flush them with a flushing agent such as sledgehammer or florakleen. If you skirt up from the bottom you won't even notice this after they are nicely cleaned up.

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  8. Guys it's spreading. I notice 5 yellow leaves everyday now and not just bottom fan leaves. Something is definetely wrong. 3/1 almost yellow. Should I give up on her and cut it out? Or is this treatable? It seems like Nitrogen deficiency but I'm giving her enough nutrients I don't know why it keeps getting worse. I'm out of options please help :/
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  9. Is this a typo of your soil being ph at 7.2??
    If not a typo then get your ph in check first.
    Your plant is lacking nitrogen. May be from nute lock out if it is ph at 7.2 or it needs more nitrogen . Not all plants will follow your bottle nute program, sometimes you have to add more and sometimes you have to add less. Your plant is talking to you telling you something is wrong.
  10. pH seems high to me...try and get that under 7, I like to grow soil plants at 6-6.8

    your pH might be preventing your plant from getting the nitrogen it needs. Grab a pH adjustor like this one.
  11. Alright I found what the problem is. pH is the problem. It seems my pH meter uncalibrated or damaged. My actual soil pH is 4.3 and I've been giving her 3.5 pH'd water because I thought it was giving 5.5-6. I've been feeding my baby literally with acid. I don't know if she will recover from this but I'll try my best.

    PS: Don't use cheap meters like I did or double check with ph indicator strips.
  12. Check your ph.. 7 is high for soil, that 7 will raise when it sits in your medium... water let run off and check your ph.. ph problems will affect your nute intake and will show up as a N difficiency at first with yellowing of bottom fan leaves
  13. Exactly what I was thinking..why havnt anyone said your soil ph is too high and locking nutes out is the first thing that comes to mind

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  14. How much ph down were you putting in your mix? Must of been a lot? Your water ph cant be much higher than 7-8 and your nutes usually bring it down so depending how much water you mix with your nutes would of dropped it to close to high 6s anyway as tap water is 7.5....that being said when you were adding the ph down you diddnt notice that it was a lot for the amount of water you were mixing nutes with or just watering with?? Something to keep in mind for future endeavors...good luck with your grow,I hope everything works out for ya pal.

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