Help please with my ballast and lighting

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  1. I currently have a 400w MH ballast and a 600w HPS ballast I have plugged the hood into the ballast and then the ballast into wall plug I can hear the two ballast turn on but still no lighting ! Is there a special way to hook these up? I have 8 bulbs and none are working. Thanks for any and all help
  2. They both don't fire? To make a guess now, I'd say either the problem is in your hood, or the ignitors (if mag).

    Are they magnetic?
  3. New or used?
  4. I had that same prob turned out to be a bad ballast
  5. Are your ballasts switchable between voltages? Are they switched to the correct voltage?

    If you bought these used they could need repair. If they are magnetic they are easy to repair.
  6. 4 replies and nobody mentioned to check the fuse? tsk.

  7. LOL, check the fuses! :smoking:
  8. Thanks everyone for the help the volts were switchable and that fixed that problem now I don't have a good 400w mh can I use 600 hps for my seedlings long as I keep good distance? Also can I use a 400w hps light with a 400w mh ballast ? THANKS AGAIN
  9. If they are magnetic ballasts you can not use an HPS light in a MH ballast (unless it is switchable). The HPS bulb needs a starter that MH only ballasts do not have.

    Yes, you can use an HPS bulb for seedlings and for flower. You REALLY have to be careful not to provide too much lights for the smaller seedlings.
  10. So do you think I should cut back to 18hrs a day starting out or stay with the 24hrs I've been doing for a day and a half thanks again

  11. I think keeping the light high and the seedlings off to the side until they get bigger would do better. I start mine under floros.

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