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  1. so first i started with 1 clone it was doing fine until the dog ate it. its ok because i get them cheap. oh i also live in cali just so you can get an idea of the weather. anyhow so i got 2 more clones planted them into the ground were the were groing awsome until my lil gardening area flooded. (im growing them outdoor) so i moved them over to pots the shriveld up boo the roots in the plugs still look healthy so i just left those into the ground yesterday purchased 2 more clones theese went directly to a pot with fresh soil put them out this morning they are dying??? wtf what am i doing wrong do they need direct sunlight or just outside light please help me before these die im really trying to get this science down.

    1st plants[​IMG]

    2nd clones [​IMG]


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    And Im in cali too if your veggin I dont think the day is long enough anymore for outdoor there is only 14 hours of light a day. They need direct sun light to grow idk what you mean by outside sunlight??=direct sunlight?? ..
  3. what i ment about light do i put them directly under the sun light or outside but not directly under the sun.

    so they need more water? they have nutrients i though they the yellow was from to much watering. do i still have a chance to save them?
  4. Yes keep them directly under the sun. How often do you water?

    Id say yes you can save them but have to figure what your doing wrong first.

    Soil looks moist to me in those pics Id wait a day or 2 for water check by putting your finger up to the first knuckle in soil, if dry give them a bit of water. The other way is lift the pot and if light give water, heavy wait a day or 2

    That bag of soil looks like it feeds for quite some time so I guess hold off on nutes for a couple weeks
  5. yeah they have water for sure i just dont understand why they witherd up so fast i mean i just bought them yesterday. i btransplanted them at night a left them with light on in the kitchen until the morning. another question the other 2 clones i had the plugs still have healthy roots is it possible they can re grow?
  6. Could use better soil. Soil with time release nutes in them can throw your PH out of whack on a regular basis. If they were clones started inside in a controlled enviroment where it was much cooler then I would slowly acclimate them to being outside. Starting out in the shade for a few hours a day at first.
  7. you know what i think your right i didnt think about climate change the first one lived because i had it indoors for a few days before went outside. and was going good until the dog ate it.
  8. so question 2 are these savable

  9. When I acclimate plants from indoors to being outdoor plants I take about a week or so doing it. To much to fast can stress or shock a plant and sometimes kill it if its a young one. I start out a few hours a day in the shade for a few days then slowly increase the amount of time their outside as they get closer to being out most of the day I will start moving them into direct sunlight. I also set my indoor timers to mimic when the sun comes up and gows down. Also when growing in pots outdoors you may need to water and or feed more frequently then compaired to indoors. If these are going to be outdoor plants I would look into some Smart Pots or 5 gallon buckets for their final pot. I look at acclimating plants to outside as a take your time approach, better safe then sorry so I`m not in a hurry.
  10. much thanks to all this knowledge. i hope i can save it if not oh well i start over. but thats prob what happend i shocked the plant

  11. thiiis is your answer. Exactly what killed your first ones.
  12. My post was a reply to eulogy1981`s question regarding his clones outdoors and how I acclimate my plants and clones from indoors to being outdoor plants. I`ve only been growing for about 4 years both indoors and outdoors but I havent had any plants or clones die from being acclimated from indoors to outdoors.
  13. The two that dont look dead might be able to save them. I`d put them indoors under some daylight cfl`s and if the soil is dry about an inch down water them well. Its kind of late in the year to be starting an outdoor grow. At this point I would look at a few mothers or teen if you can afford them.
  14. to me it seems preposterous to let soil dry out that much. moisture keeps organic material active, and all organic materials are in decay. So it's just a matter if you think decay is on your side or not. I sure think it's on mine.
  15. I'm not an expert, but I have been told Miracle Gro is the WORST soil for growing cannabis. I'd go with Fox Farms or something else. Also, pH is your best friend. Tap water works, but water with the proper pH is best. That should be around 6.5 but I'm not sure of the exact range. That info is here somewhere.
  16. If you have to use Miracle Grow, get the organic soil. I've always found organic is best and easiest as well. If its the climate that is making them wither, maybe cut a water bottle and put it over with a few sprays of water on the inside of the bottle to raise the humidity for the clones. Just a thought
  17. well so farwith all your combination of helpful solutions they are staying green but the leaves are still dropy is this a good sign? of regaining health? i heard triming the leaves promotes root growth should i just trim them? im no expert but the main stem is green and healthy. just the leaves droopy??? hmmmm

  18. the miracle grow i got is the organic one. i thought about the bottle thing kind like a mini green house now if i do that i cant be under direct sunlight it will incubate them but under shade they should be fine right? and is the hole atop of the bottle enough or cut a few more.
  19. Post some current pics. You usualy only want to trim dead leaves off or when doing clones you trim them a little bit. I would pick up some Superthrive and ad anywhere from a few drops to 1 milileter to a gallon of water then PH it. Droopy leaves are usualy a sign of heat stress, under watering or over watering.
  20. Don't pick crumpled leaves off. Let it fall off. Plants under stress mobilize excess nutrient to the leaf tips, resulting in curls/burns. Silica is one mobile element that moves excess of Ca to leaf edges, etc. point being when you cut those leaves off the excess elements wil lbe mobilized to new leaves. leave it be. And for g-d's sake, dont get superthrive. Total crap. If something is so toxic (EPA pesticide) that only a few drops per gallon are added, I'll opt out. I like to soak my water in plenty of kelp meal, the compounds vitamins and hormones begin degrading fast with light and oxygen exposure any way...

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