help please! spots on leaves ? not sure what to do or think lol

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    as the title suggests one of my girls has started to have some issues that the others dont really seem to be having. it is extremely alarming to see her deteriorating , i mean overall she seems to be in good health but something is obviously not right.. and its got me worried,, i saw an aphid on it the other day, so i purchased an insecticidal soap and applied it once since. the ph of my water is around 6.5-7 after i have added my nutrients , i have no means to test the soil PH sadly or PPM yet, but i feel as though the feeding has been very conservative , i have followed the schedule on the bottle at a slightly reduced dose for fear of over feeding..they have been getting a seedling dose of emerald harvest grow, micro, bloom, as well as their cal-mag! i have been watering till i see runoff coming from the bottom of the pot, they are in pro mix hp.. any thoughts ? please and thanks!
  2. Early nute burn = no nutes for 2-3 weeks

    good luck
  3. thank you very much, and through more reading since being on this site i have also learned not to use the manufacturer recommended doses either lol !! she is doing much better now all new growth is green :)
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  4. this her now right before transplant into 7 gal !

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  5. Notice any gnats ? Looks like it could be some bug damage.
  6. hmm, yeah i was thinking the little holes were looking like bug bites, i noticed literally one aphid and maybe a couple flies, but since using my insecticidal soap a few times i havent noticed any more ! i bought a loupe and have been checking them over alot!
  7. Well there yago. No pest strips work. Let your soil dry out, next water or feed drench em and throw the pest strips in the room and seal it off..boom gnats gone.

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