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  1. Hey Everyone! After hours and hours of research about growing on this website i finally made an account. This is my first grow. I want to start out by saying thank you. Ive learned alot from you guys so far and hope to learn more so i can help future growers have a great healthy crop.
    Unfortunately my late seedling/ early veg plants are not doing so well. At first they were doing great... then last night i noticed the leaves drooping a little bit. I didnt think much of it but this morning they were drooping very bad. Other than the leaves drooping the plant looks great and healthy. They were in
    pro-hex seed starting trays with seed starting soil. I thought they may have gotten to big for they tray seeing as they were a week and a half from first sprout. so I transplanted them into solo cups filled with Fox Farms Ocean Forest this afternoon. no change as of now.
    plants are under 4 23 watt daylight cfl bulbs for now until they get moved to a dedicated veg room once i get my hid light.
    Any suggestions? 

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    probably over watering, common newb mistake.
    how much/often have you been watering
  3. they were watered from the tray underneath whenever it went dry i put water in it
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    They have gotten worse since this picture was taken

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  5. They are ready for transplant into the second, if not final pot. The roots. There probably overcrowded.
  6. they looked crowded I transplanted today into solo cups with ffof. They Are sleeping right now hopefully come morning we see a little improvement. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Give them transplant time to rest (3-5 days) and move into final container.

    Also your wattage will never yield u anything unless you have one plant under that. 92 watts of cfl is next to nothing. Try 400-600.
  8. Technically it will but it will be in vain.
  9. Need to spread its roots somewere

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  10. this is from my post earlier
    "plants are under 4 23 watt daylight cfl bulbs for now until they get moved to a dedicated veg room once i get my hid light"
  11. Ahhh i see. My apologies
  12. It's cool Man I just hope they come back soon there still sad. How long should I keep the soil dry after the overwater

  13. Ideally you want to let the soil dry completely before watering again. Go by the weight of the containers, not just by sticking your finger down a couple of inches. They look like they've been getting watered too frequently and the soil needs to dry out for the roots to recover and start growing properly.
  14. I'd water them again in a week! And if the topsoil looks like it's getting too dry, you can always spray it a little.
    Also, the CFLs should be no more than 4" away from those baby's at all times! 
    As this is your first time, I'd advice you to leave the plants alone as much as you can bare, and just watch them grow.
    Maybe top one of the plants, let a couple grow normally, and LST one?
    That way you get a few grows experience in one!
    Good luck 
  15. Hey guys thanks for the responses im letting them sit and dry atm. it is hard to just wait lol.
    The lights are about 3 inchs away atm
  16. [​IMG]
  17. So as of right now they are in their second pots with fox farms ocean forest, sitting under 4 1600 lumen daylight cfl bulbs, and drying out. I will report back with any changes.
  18. Tweedle de do
  19. still hangin in
  20. Hey got an update. I did some ph testing and got some interesting results.
    The plants that aren't as bad were around 6 ph and the plants that are are around 5.5
    Thing this is part of my problem?

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