HELP PLEASE ScrOG and SOG Question?

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  1. Grass City I'm Interested in doing a SOG or a Scrog and i need some info what is the minimum height to achieve this with half way descent results the dimensions of my grow area are. - 53 3/4" Length, 19 1/2" Depth, and 28" Height and about how many plants would i be able to grow doing Scrog or SOG in this setup or would i be better off doing micro grows with a bunch of 2 litter or 20 oz soda bottles and veg and flower in this box i really dont need tall plants i would love to have 7 footers at minimum but i cant do this right now i just need a constant supply where it can be contained in a small area even if i only get a coulpe ounces off each plant and any ideas on what book gives info on Scrog and Sog Detailed
    Thanks everyone hope someone can help
  2. Sog and scrog are very different, which one are you interested in doing?
  3. which ever one that would be more suitable and produce more bud in this small area. my height restriction prevents me from doing a lot right now but i figure what ever is best for this particular Height ill do and i really dont know what the difference between Scrog or Sog is ive been looking for this info but cant seem to get to the bottom of it so which ever is more suitable and will be able to be done with in my height restriction thats why i asked about a mirco grow with soda bottles cuz i need to veg and flower in this setup
  4. Toasty I appreciate your comments and help and in all most all my forums i have put up i always seem to find you commenting in them thanks much respect to you 10X i wish everyone on here was more like that so again thanks
  5. toasty do you think it would be possible and a better idea to do LST low stress training and the Scrog with these dimension because i think if i was using 1 to 5 gallon bucket i might be able to grow at least three plants in my box what say you or my other idea which someone else had great results with but i think his box was a little taller here are some pictures his bud is amazing it is DrBudGreengenes from

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