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Discussion in 'General' started by jbaggs, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ok im really desperate here. ive been craving some bud for while now but cant get any right now. im thinking about running up to giant eagle and picking up some dxm. i way 155 and done it about....10 times maybe. my highest dose was 900 mg but im not in the mood to leave my body lol. i just want some time to myself. i really could use some bud to help think. im just trying to meditate but i want a slight phecadilc experence you know...what dose would yall recommend...300 mg? remember im not trying to get "blasted" but im looking for some obvious mind altering effects

  2. yea 300-400mg range isnt too intense but still alot of fun

    and make sure you get shit with only DXM as the active ingrediant, i recomend dexalone or robotussin cough gels
  3. Get some shrooms, great for self exploration;)
  4. shit if i could i would. its fun and is very self exploring. i know i dont need drugs to meditated but yes it does help. i ended up taking 300 mg of dxm. dosed up about 40 min ago. im starting to get notice very mild effects. i should be good in 25 min or so. thanks for everyone who replied. i appreiciate it.

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