Help Please ~ New Box Temps question

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by NL5x, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I have no pics at this time but I have a 24' x 30' x 39' micro soil grow

    90w TriBand UFO LED hanging 2 inches from the top
    & three single 2ft T5's running vertical in 3 of 4 sides
    venting with 4' duct booster 80 cfm thru Pvc light traps at the Top
    2 passive intakes 4' each pvc light traps at the bottom as well
    lined with white plastic
    a 6' clip fan to move air around

    it is in a spare bedroom that has a house Temp of 75'
    But I'm getting Temps at the bottom around 88' and temps near the top of low 90's

    do you think I can even start my grow ? or should I work on getting down the temps before I even get serious... if So what tips would you give to lower the temps ?

    another intake ? a bigger fan ?

    Thanks in advance for any Tips :)
  2. I don't imagine the LED putting off much heat, probably those T5's. Try to increase your exhaust CFMs using a good 200-300 cubic feet per minute inline fan. That should help keep temps down under 80 with those T5's.
    I wouldn't start until you get the temps lower because unless you have extra CO2 added, 90 degrees is too high. It could potentially stunt growth.

  3. Do you think having a 6' duct booster that will be reduced down to a 4' out will cause too much resistance?
  4. Why can't you just use a 6" duct?

  5. Its a small space & I have a 4' out already installed, would just add a reducer & run the 6' at 240 CFM

    would this not work ?
  6. Yeah it would work. I personally like to keep everything the same, 6" fan with 6" ducting and 4" fan with 4" ducting, but yes it will work. :smoke:

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