Help Please!! Need to finish ASAP.....

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by naturelover74, Nov 29, 2011.

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  2. Sounds like your in a pickle..
  3. ummm smoke a bowl and make sense.... i dont understand this?
    how do you make weed grow faster? is that your question?
    you cant.... let it do its thing. if the neighbors beat the kids call the cops... wtf is this world coming to? i dont ask the internet what to do after I take a shit... I just wipe my ass and pull up my pants.... do work son...
  4. I yell at my kids I am going to stab them in the eye and beat them daily, than we fight! Not really fair considering how small they are and how big I am but they get a kick out of it. Lots of yelling and beating going on in my house :)

    Your at week 4, have 4 more weeks that you would like to finish in. If you have to shut down NOW, whys a month a-ok to wait?

    You didnt give enough details it looks like paranoid rambling :)

    Move them to a friends house? Finish them anyway and just worry about it? Not much you can do to make them finish faster, you can increase bud growth and all that and just cut them too soon but other than that I dont see an option other than just moving them to a friends or other place.

    If they are med's doesnt matter what your neighbors do, your legal and fine. If on the other hand your calling your illegal pot stash and plants meds, you got another whole problem there.

    Bottom line, med's are legal via the state, dont worry :) Doubt fed's will come for your personal grow!
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    I just removed the post as it was so difficult to read supposedly,although i have a VERY popular blog! I decided to shut down completely BTW so dont need an answer now!
  6. No need to defend your post :) Maybe its just all of us who were retarted!

    Congrats on deciding, too bad they had to go :(

  7. Yeah,I am just shutting it all down for now,seems like the smart thing to do. Thank You for reading my post,I know it was a little long and complicated but I am glad you took the time to read it and say hey. Peace
  8. I like the "ignore" option!
  9. Sorry they had too go. Good luck for the future.

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