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Help!!! Please My Ph is increaseing way to F'n fast!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Beezie F.U., Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Ok here is the setup. Eb n Flo, Hydroton, Ge micro& Bloom-Lucas formula, Earth juice ph up and down, Ro water. That is it that is all I am using. My ph is going up like crazy Im talkin in less than 4 hours my ph will be back up to 6.5 - 7.0 some times 8.0. I set it at 5.8 - 5.5 and it goes right back. I rinced the Hydroton. I dumped the rease and cleaned the system already once. So did I not clean the hydroton right and if so how can i fix it know that I have already started the grow. Also the plants look good. No burning. PPm around 1100-1200 maybe a lil higher not over 1350. Ugm also before i changed the rease the fisrt time it stunk and was foaming and was dark brown. I thought it might have been becouse i added a little super thrive but it's new water now so what the F!@# is going on. Thanks.
    Pss.... help please as soon as possible i am running out of Ph Down.
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    Lime Juice is a cheap pH down alternative.

    Some people say that they upgraded their pH down solution and it worked better(AN pH Down, it is strong)

    Size of your reservoir could be the issue, maybe a flush/wipedown is needed?

  3. Yea Already Did The Dump and Wipe Down. Then it was back to the same old shit. Called the guys at the grow shop were I got the hydroton. Dude said to try half Ro and have hard water. So I am gonna try 1/3 and see what happens cuz I dont wanna dump the rease again. If it works good if it seems to work then I will change the rease. He said the hard water would act as a buffer. We'll See. Hope it works at 1/3 though it's such a fuckin mess and luggin all that water around kills my fuckin back.
  4. RO water FTL

    start using tap water - your pH will still rise but not in 4 hours

    btw, don't sweat it if your plants are pretty mature as they'll cope anyway with a higher pH than younger, smaller plants
  5. yea I tried The half ro half tap nothing still rising. I guess Ill try straight tape today.
  6. oh yeah - have you calibrated your pH pen recently - you're meant to do it weekly - but who the fuck does - I hadnt done mine for about 2 months and it was reading a whole digit out lol

    also - i notice in my grows there is always a point where I get about two weeks where the pH peaks and then it stabilises again around 6.5

    only other tips I can give you is to maybe try another brand of pH down - how old is yours - might be you're storing it near heat and that will affect it - also do you stir in the pH down when you use it

    bottom line though is that if the plants look great then chill :smoking:
  7. Yea I give it a good stir. The pens good. It's brand new. Im gonna try some experiments today and see what is the problem. Nutes, Ro, Tap, Ph up Ph down, Hydroton.
  8. good man - that's the way ;)

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