Help Please Looks Like The Plants Are Dying

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mikekuni, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I dont know what is going on with my plants... I think it could be they were over heating but im not too sure. All the prictures of overheated plants do not look that same as mine. It is indoor growing. I water them usually twice a day for the ones in the rockwell and maybe once a day for the one in the soil. They were all fine the night before then the next day they were looking like this.
    Any help is appreciated!

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    Pics aren't working for me. And after you fix the pics we need to know everything about your setup, lights, soil ect ect. to help you.
  3. im using 4 cfls. 3- 6500k 75w 1170 lumines and 1- 2700k 100w 1600 lumines. which are hanging from the ceiling with a small fan blowing in the box. I live in hawaii so the temp doesnt change so much. i have reflective material lining the inside of the box. i feed them regular water with no nutes about twice a day for the rockwell cubes or when it gets light green and dry and water the one in the soil when the dirt feels dry. im using fox farms organic potting mix. I ph balance my water to 6.5 and i use tap water and filter it. 
    That night the they got messed up i lowered the lights closer to the plants and had the fan blowing on them on low. Maybe that could have messed them up. And if in fact that is the problem, can i still grow these or should i just abandon them and start  new?
  4. any help please!
  5. I can only imagine your ph is off for the sprouts to look that bad. In rockwool ph should be around 5.6, and the other in soil should be around 6.5
  6. oh shoot. ok so rockwool is at 5.6? no wonder they look all like shiet. thanks man, that would probably be the problem
    I hope they're salvageable for you... no higher than 5.8 in the rockwool, okay?
  8. What is your ph?
  9. well i been giving it ph 6.5 water. i adjusted so when i water with 5.5 ph the runoff is 6.5-6.8 so ill keep watering and testing their runoff and keep adjusting. I hope that was the problem... 
    but can anyone comment on the plant that is in the pot? the leaves  are getting yellow and there are new leaves forming on the top. the baby leaves look healthy but the plant has been that size for over atleast 5 days. ive been only giving it 6.5 ph water. 
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    What kind of soil are you giving her? Looks like bad soil... does it drain okay?

  11. Yes, im using the fox farm organic potting soil. it drains like a champ. I just transplanted it from some "basic dirt soil" (thats all i had at the time) so its doing much better. When i pulled her out of the old hard packed soil it had a pretty good root system surprisingly. So i sprinkled some root inoc before i put her in the org. mix. hopefully it will spring to life
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    When was the transplant done?


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