help please! leaves twisting??

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  1. hello everyone. Its my first grow and my plants leaves are twisting.. I've searched for the same problem and couldnt find anything similiar so I figured I'd just start a new thread. its an auto flowering, feminized, pineapple express I havent used any nutes so far and very basic lighting and ventilation - flourescent bulbs aprox. 120 watts and a window for air lol and tbh i cant remember exactly how old the plant is.. but its right around 2 months.
    I think I attached some pictures but I'm not all that good with computers so I'm not sure if it worked...
    any information would be extremely helpful :)

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  2. this happened to an older plant i had, I had a 150 watt hps light, then i hooked up 2 27 watt cfls to it, and the leaves started going towards the cfls and twisting.

    it looks like you're not giving the plant enough light it's pretty stretched i think the leaves are just possibly twisting towards the light?
  3. Jlowe is right about the stretching, you need more light.

    The twisting on upper leaves is usually a magnesium deficiency (Mg). Fix it by giving some light nutes with Mg in it...or water in a little bit of epsomsalts.
  4. You didn't use anywhere near enough light and now it's too late. An eight week old autoflower is getting pretty close to done.
  5. Kill it, no other choice... a plant could be grown to look a lot better than that. :rolleyes:
  6. yea that plant is hit...better luck next time
  7. dont listen to these posts talking about chopping it. just try adding some more lights on it and let the leaves straighten themselves out for now. Prob have a little less than a month left im guessing. My autoflowers leaves were way worse off and I still ended up getting bud at the end, so don't give up! :)

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