help please :) Im changing to bigger pots, but I LST'd

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  1. hey guys my plants need bigger pots so tomorrow Im gonna put them in 1 L plastic ones. but I LST's the plants already in the pots theyre in right now... so should I just untie them, switch pots and then just tie them again ? and would this hurt my plants ? thanks guys
  2. That's what you do. Plants will be fine as long as you are careful with them.
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    ^ yup tod said it, and you said it, you just re-tie them back down carefully once there safely in their new homes

    Edit: if you have the room id personally transplant into somehting close to what you plan on flowering in. That way you wont have many more transplants and tying and untying to do.

  4. Yeah that's definitely something that crossed my mind when I started lol, this will be my third re-potting.... but I'm pretty sure I won't have to do it again though cause I'm doing a small grow and I've reached my size limit. next time I'm just gonna put the seedling right in a 1 L pot, save myself the stress and mess haha

    anyways thanks a lot :) you guys are beauties
  5. alright so I changed to bigger pots and I don't think I hurt them so we'll see how they are in a couple days :) I can post pics if any wants to have a look

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