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Help Please I MAY have coughed blood

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BizzyBone, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. i had posted about a week ago of some "awsome" shake i had baught
    well i had smoked it a alot and i always complained about a wierd after taste
    well today i took some GIANT rips out of my bong and afterwards i was coughing so hard because of this taste from the shake when i coughed and gagged a colored mucus came out and ikept coughing in disgust and it was a redish brown spit and my mouth tasted awsful
    any help>?
  2. You might want to invest in a vaporizer or bake it in food. Smoking might not be your thing.
  3. ive been smoking for 2 years and i can definitly handle as much smoke as the next guy
    the only time ive experienced anything like this is whith this 1/8 of shake i baught
  4. It could have dirt in it. that sucks then...

    Umm...make a oil or something with it. Hash is nice too.

    And about the throat...dont smoke any more of it....take some halls, they feel nice, or menthol ciggs.
  5. Grit weed?
  6. sometimes in the winter you will cough or hawk up muscus with blood in it from your nose. Now if you smoked a lot of bud cigs or blunts,you will cough up a black or brown muscuas. When you cough up blood its bright red. It sounds like you coughed up tar that is on your lungs. If I start smoking two packs a day or a box of blunts a day, Ill cough up the brown shit and it does taste nasty.
  7. im just trying to help pinpoint the problem lol
    i never smoke ciggarets and whenever i ever smoke weed its 90% of the time out of a bong
    its not grit weed and im sure it had no dirt in it a friend of mine i got it from loves his hook cause hes the owner of his own med club so its dank bud but its dank shake
    so still dunno:confused:
  8. Don't buy bad quality, then you must smoke more weight, and smoke is just bad for you.

    If you coughed up blood really, then you should go to a hospital Now!
  9. did you drink kool aid before hand? and do you always cough when smoking this particular pick up?
  10. Chronic smokers have been known to cough up blood. Either your herbs are grit or you smoke often.
  11. I never Toke if my throats dry for one thing, cuz then it's just like drank a cup of salt dry and eventually my body will do the smart thing and make lots of mucus, but I do think it could've been the smoke creating tar, honestly it sounds like the most realistic thing aside from the weed having dirt in it. Anyway I only hope it doesn't happen to you any more. And if it stops you can always see if it was the herb by... smoking some more? :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks alot for the help guys
    it's the next morning right now and my throat is pretty soar. I've been smoking once a day for the past month so I don't know if that will cause me to cough up blood
    all I know was I was coughing up mucus and it tasted horrbile like resin
    all I know is I'm never getting from this pick up again just to be on the safe side :/
  13. You have mucus in your throat when you clear the hit. The bong is milked with thick yellow smoke. You clear it and the mucus filters it, kind of like bong water in your esophagus. The mucus now tastes like resin and will be brownish. Any time I take a fat snap of mid-grade I get that taste in my throat and spit brown.
  14. Go to your local health dept.
    You probably have tuberculosis.
  15. i think The Chronic's post sums it all up
    Thanks guys
    keep smokin!:smoking::bongin:
  16. you irritated your throat. Its normal when you cough really really hard. just take a break.

    Drink some water. take a teaspoon of honey.

    Youll be ok. just try not to take such hard hits off shake.

    Get better weed. Shake. Really. Shake is not awesome.

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