Help Please Germination Problem

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Cow_Town, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hello GC. i'm growing LA Woman(fem) in bio-bizz all mix soil
    Start off in wet paper towels, then transfer to damp soil and keep humidity up, they sprout fine and start off life like nothings wrong and then all of a sudden 1 of them looks like this (pic1)

    i'm aware that theres enough nutrients in the soil for about 24days so i'm just giving pH balanced water (6). they are under 250w blue CFL, the rest seem fine at the moment so can't work out why this puppy looks like its dying... the second pic is another plant that is showing the same signs as (pic 1)

    help would be more than appriciated:(
    PIC 1

    PIC 2

    PIC 3
  2. I'am no dirt farmer,but it looks like the soil maybe to hot for the seedlings. Re-pot in diff soil with no added nute's,so u can control the feed. The soil they are in is giving the seedling way more than it needs @ this time:smoke:
  3. Help me! I'm drowning!
  4. If the soil was too "hot", it would affect all of the plants, not just one. It looks similar to nute burn, but I'm sure you know better than to add nutes to a seedling. Since the others look happy and healthy, it may just be a bad seed. Continue treating it the sme as the others and see what happens. Not much else you can do....
  5. over watering you think??
    this has happend several times now and always seem to start to die at the same sort of time. i have grown from seed hundreds of times. WTF???

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